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In a ZA would you lose your humanity?

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So what would you do?
Would you remain as human as possible, because lets face it, the world is f**** and we need to work together to help build a better future.
Or would you turn bandit because in this bleak world, there is no law enforcement and government any more to prevent your actions. So you would kill other people for supplies and for the sake of survival, you would lose your humanity.
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  • By technicallity, humanity is the measure we gauge our actions agienst our fellow man. Frankly, i believe that an apocolyptic event would change our aspects on life, people, and our actions. For instance: in the world we live in today, we are rarely given the opertunity to save people and when it shows itself we are obligated to take action. However, in the apocolypse we would be more focused on the survival of ourselves and those close to us.

    So yes, the humanity I hold today would all but be abolished in this event.
    -please forgive my spelling.
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    I'd probably be a mix. I'm out to protect me and mine, first and foremost, but I wouldn't become a total monster.
  • Easy answer: Become a bandit hunter. You get to loot what they have and keep your morality intact at the same time.
  • I don't thinks so. Only strongest survive.
  • In general I'm a pragmatist, and believe in trying to put feelings aside to make decisions rationally. But I also firmly believe that there's no point surviving if you just become a worse monster than the zombies in the process. I would try to do what I thought was right, try to maintain a sense of justice, even when it meant taking the riskier or more dangerous path. I'd probably end up dead because of it. But we all die eventually anyway, and I'd rather go out having stuck to my convictions, than having bought myself a few extra years by doing whatever awful thing it took to stay alive.

    Of course, this is all theoretical. Who knows how they'd actually behave if they were really faced with a situation like the end of civilization.
  • I would pretty much be a walking demon. Let's not delude ourselves here, "humanity" can only be defined by the laws and rules governing it.

    Throw all that out the window and at BEST, to survive, you end up like Rick.

    That's the best I'd hope for. I don't mean TV Rick, either. I'm talking comic Rick. Sits on a truck and talks to an empty phone Rick.

    At best.
  • Everyone will lose a part of their humanity, whether they want to or not, i think.

    I believe it would be possible to retain humanity in some form, keeping to your morals, your ideals and such. It would be more difficult always, and there would be plenty of times where you simply cannot do the right thing, for one reason or another. It really depends on the individual a lot, and their own willpower and desire to stay true to themselves, i think.

    In the end, no one can be right or wrong here because we just don't know how this would play out if a real zombie apocalypse would happen. I'd try as hard as i could to retain my own humanity, and would die before i dropped to the levels of a bandit. Though that probably wouldn't be necessary, since I would likely freeze in terror at the sight of a walker, and likely fall prey to the apocalypse before i could learn to accept it.
  • Obviously you can't know for certain but yes I believe I would be very willing to kill other people.
  • I'd be too weak to lose my humanity.
  • Depends what situations I go through really. I'll probably thrive in a ZA.
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