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The 2 people at the ending-scene are NOT christa&omid (Proof inside)

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Okay so everyone seems to think the 2 people walking in the distance are Christa and Omid. Clearly they are not.

Here is what the game shows you:


We see 2 silhouettes, one tall slim person and behind that person 1 smaller fat person. Now you might think the "fat" person might be Christa with her pregnant belly but if you paid any attention whatsoever you would notice that christa is far taller than Omid:


That's why the 2 people in the end can not be Christa and Omid.
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  • There are so many what ifs that could fit with it. We all hope it is really Crista and Omid but depending were you told them to meet you it is hard to say. They could be walkers, strangers, Christa and Omid, shadow people, Batman and Robin, Clem tripping out because she ate some bad mushrooms. You just dont know. What we do know is she got out of the city, maybe all that will be answered in season 2. Which I really hope the game did so well that they do a season 2.
  • If it is Christa and Omid then TellTales are assholes for even trying to make them seem ambiguous with a cheap cliffhanger copout.

    If it's not them, then it's not them.
  • Clem alone in a field has been the ep 5 image since release so I figure they knew what they were doing from the start. They don't need to have her find anyone from our group and maybe whoever they were hasn't been voice cast or given a specific model yet. Like they will let us choose between 2 protagonists but the other dies ep 1 of season 2. I wanna be the short guy. short guys are always angry and ready to fight:p
  • It's obviously Dough and Ben. Ben is very tall and skinny and has is head forward, and dough is fat.
  • kirby18 wrote: »
    OMG I just realized this! If you look closely the person on the right is in a banana suit and he/she has a pet penguin following her! What do you guys think clem will do with the penguin? pet? dinner?

    Extreme close-up enhanced image of the two people in the ending:
  • I think it's Sam and Max.
  • I think some better characters deserved to walk off into the sunset.

    Those two bum losers should have died.
  • It clearly shows that it is Omid and Christ, done deal.
  • Arsun97 wrote: »
    It clearly shows that it is Omid and Christ, done deal.

    AND CHRIST!? Holy shit... Things just got real.
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