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Frame lag

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Ever since Eps. 1 I've had random parts of the game lag for a few seconds. It seems to only be during action part's like needing to hit a zombie or the tractor part in eps. 2. Never when it's just them talking. I've tried changing setting's and I've tried changing it to run as admin and win 98 but still does it.
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  • Oddly, even on PS3 it lags out time to time. I'm guessing the game is loading the next event and just transitions badly over to it. I've had the screen black out before, but I could hear the dialogue, then the scene would play and catch up without dialogue (Their lips still moved, though) and work normally after that. I've had dialogue double itself (One line, then the same line afterward with each character), which was annoying.

    The problem you stated, about attacking a zombie and it lagging, happens occasionally with me, too. It's killed me a couple of times, actually. Just be glad that it's not only on PC. :P

    What specs are you using to run the game?
  • win 7, GTX 260, and 8 GB of ram. Seems like it's a video thing. I haven't had it mess me up too much it's just really annoying when they start talking and all you keep hearing is it going like "LOOK-K-K-K O-O-O-O-OUT"
  • There is a ton in Eps 4 every time i shoot the gun at the start about every 5 seconds someone is talking so we know it has yet to get fixed. -.-
  • I'm having the same problem, ever since the first episode too. It wasn't that noticeable at first but now its stupid. Just the first part of episode 4 where you use the gun, every time I shot the game would just stutter for a second and then continue. Windows 7, GTX 580, and 8 gigs of ram.
  • That's happening to me in Jurassic Park :P
  • Seems to really do this in eps 5. Reeeeealy FFFFFun whhhhen thheeeeey ttttalk like thisssssssss.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    On PC and Mac, you can change your resolution and graphics settings, including turning off Shadows, Anti-aliaising and After-Effects. Also, if you have an onboard graphics card, but have not disabled it through your Bios, you can experience problems despite having a separate graphics card installed.

    Also note that even if your system specs are adequate or greater than recommended, if your video or audio drivers are out of date, or if you have a lot of other programs running on your computer, using up your available system RAM, you will still encounter issues like this in the game.
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