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The next protagonist

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who might it be?
let's not jump to conclusions
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  • Someone else. Being someone you've already molded isn't right to me.
  • I'm not sure at this point. Hope it's Christa or Omid.
  • I'm pretty sure it's going to be Omid. Not sure, but that's my thought.
  • Tired of these similar threads. I gotta guess that we will play a new character that most likely will start off alone or with another group and meet up with clementine, christa, and omid sometime during the season 2(maybe episode 2 or 3 so we get a good background and description of our new protagonist).
  • Christa and Omid already have a set personality. If we played as one of them that would mean that we couldn't make certain choices. Clementine is too young, that would limit the things that we could do or say.
  • I'd say Kenny. His personality is more or less "reset," thanks to his sacrifice. I think he'd make the perfect protagonist too.
  • Honestly its probably going to be clem. And to anyone saying "but she's just a kid!" Carl is around her age and has already killed regular people/used heavy arms in TWD comics, so age means nothing to the writers.
  • Clem, or a new character. Honestly it'd be cool to play as Clem, but it's way more fun to take care of her. :p
  • Pretty sure it'll be a new character or characters. Doesn't feel right playing an already established and developed character. The point of Lee was to be shaped up from the player's actions and decisions throughout the story, and giving advice/lessons towards Clem. She'd rely on these teachings. The next season might focus on a new character crossing paths with her, such as the ambiguous shapes after the credits. It's pretty possible.
  • A New guy even more cooler than lee, preferably chuck norris
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