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Kill Babies to keep it real

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I pose a question to you all: is killing your babies keeping it real?

Keeping it real is staying true to the reality of the Walking Dead universe, dark, bleak, and no sacred cows who can't be killed. Lee dies, breaking apart the strongest emotional bond created by the Walking Dead series. Was that keeping it real? Clem learned something from it. I say yes.

If there is a season two with Clem, by our very desire to see her live, should the game writers toss Clem to the zombies to maintain the dignity of the world they've created?

I want a happy ending. I know they don't exist in that world. I know to expect what I don't want to happen to happen in that world, because that's keeping it real to the writers. They can do this and still tell a legit story. But sometimes it feels like the same trick over and over again: the old tricked you with a sad ending because you wanted a happy ending switch out.

Is killing babies to keep it real a stronger choice than a happy ending?

My answer: Sometimes. Though I wish there was a chance for both. I still give Telltale mondo props for season 1, in spite of crying all day because I can't see Lee walk Clem off into the sunset.

What are your thoughts?
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  • Makamba;736584 said:
    Well you have a point but in this series in Crawford children where killed.

    In the comic ofcourse the hunters ate their own kids.

    Also in the comics Carl and Sophia lived so why wouldn't Clem.
    I'm rooting for Clem by the way
  • Makamba;736589 said:
    I'm rooting for Clem by the way
    Here here!
  • ^^^^Hell yeah Clem all the way

    cant wait to see as she changes becoming more stronger:D
  • Look, Carl and Clem are safe from being killed off. Rick and Lee are not. We've seen Lee die. Rick will die (hopefully) before the end of the series. I also wanted a "happy" ending in which both Lee and Clem survived, but it didn't happen. Oh well.
  • I've played though TWD game, I've read almost all of the comics, and I've watched every episode of the TV show. In my opinion, one of the biggest ideas that TWD enforces is that the adults must do what it takes to protect the children of their group and I've always considered Carl and Clementine to be the main characters of their stories. Assuming the next "season" follows Clementine, I don't think that they will kill her off unless TellTale intends to introduce another child to take Clementine's place, or start with a completely new group.

    Just because Lee was killed off in the first season doesn't mean that Clementine has to be killed off in the second season. It just seems too predictable for that to happen.

    Side note:
    If you've followed TWD you know that children have died on several occasions, but they've always kept at least one child in the group.
  • No sacred cows? *cough* Carl *cough*.
  • AceStarr;736581 said:
    Clem might be one of a few children in the walking dead universe. Can she live through the zombie apoc? yes she can the walking dead writers dont have to kill her off to make us know that its a dark world. Kids can survive just as much as grownups not unless the world explodes or the sun dies then Clem or any other kid can survive. But id love to see her live not die!!!!
    I don't think they have to kill a kid to get the point across.
  • I know it's really unlikely given the comic timeline, but anyone else really interested in seeing a teenage Clem? Based on how she's grown already I suspect a mini Michonne on our hands...
  • Yertos;737114 said:
    I know it's really unlikely given the comic timeline, but anyone else really interested in seeing a teenage Clem? Based on how she's grown already I suspect a mini Michonne on our hands...
    It'd be interesting, but it can't happen. Telltale can't go ahead of the established canon, and the comics are only like a year or two into the apocalypse.

    So the oldest we might see Clem as is 10, maybe 11 or 12.
  • This thread isn't actually about killing infants... That's a surprise, lol.

    Lee's death was so great because you knew he was on a timer, and had a LOT to do before he clocks out. If he had died some other way, or was bitten in the last episode, I just don't think his death would have worked so well.
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