When did characters lose their hope?

A lot of characters decided that there was nothing good left in the world anymore. Though some of them progressed on, a lot of people took themselves out.

Lee: Never lost hope
Clementine: Never lost hope (Might have in epilogue)
Kenny: Lost it when Katjaa took herself out; gained it when the boat was found
Katjaa: Lost it when Duck was bitten, even if she said she'll figure out something
Duck: Never lost hope
Lilly: Lost it when Larry died
Larry: Never lost hope; he was just an ass
Glenn: Never lost hope (Almost did in Irene scene)
Carley: Never lost hope
Doug: Never lost hope (Though thought he wasn't good for anything)
Mark: Lost it when his legs were hacked off
Ben: Lost it in the bell tower scene
Andy/Danny/Brenda: Lost it at the night at the St. John's
Chuck (Charles if you're fancy): Lost it when he took his life
Christa: Never lost hope (On the verge of it)
Omid: Lost it after Kenny's (and Ben's) death
Stranger/Campman: Lost it when his wife and daughter left him



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    Lee Everett: Always remained hopeful.
    Clementine: Always remained hopeful, possibly lost when Lee died.

    Kenny: Lost almost all hope when Katjaa and Duck died, still remained hopeful about a boat. Lost completely when all the boats were gone, gained once more when he found a boat. Although he lost the boat, he remained hopeful because he gained a new purpose, and thus hope, when Clem was kidnapped.
    Katjaa: Slowly deteriorated throughout the season. Episode 1 she was completely hopeful, episode 2 her hope dropped as seen with her grim outlook on her patient (either David Parker or Travis), her hope dropped further within the episode as she had to witness how dark people have become thanks to the apocalypse (St. Johns). Her hope was nearly destroyed following Duck getting bitten, she remained hopeful that they'd be able to find a cure. That hope faded away shortly thereafter.
    Kenny Junior - "Duck": Too stupid to lose hope. Despite this, he likely lost all hope after he was bitten.

    Lilly Caul: Lost after her father's death, slightly remained if Lee attempted to save Larry. She had a friend to confide in, and probably felt motherly towards Clem. She lost what little hope she had left after she killed Carly / Doug.
    Larry Caul: Always remained hopeful, for Lilly's sake.

    Carley: Always remained hopeful.
    Doug: Always remained hopeful.

    Mark: He was always a hopeful guy, so hopeful about a better future with the St. John's. His hope was lost when Brenda St. John took out that knife and cut off his legs.
    Ben Paul: He never had much hope to begin with, with his families fate being unknown and his intense fear of becoming a walker. May have shared hopes and dreams with Kenny about a boat.
    Charles - "Chuck": Always remained hopeful. I bet you even while he was aiming that gun towards his head he remained hopeful that Lee and the others would find safety.

    Christa: Always remained hopeful, now for Clementine's sake.
    Omid: Always remained hopeful, now for Clementine's sake.

    Completely lost hope following his wife and daughter's death, gained a sliver of it back when he planned to take Clementine and make a life with her.

    The St. Johns: Hope for a civil future was lost completely, that's why they resorted to cannibalism. They hoped that they, and the farm, could survive through the apocalypse because they do what they got to do to survive.
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    Clem was kidnapped, witnessed her walker parents and then had kill/leave the only person that meant something to her.
    After that she apparently did not find Omid and Christa.

    I'm pretty sure that at this point she's lost all hope.
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    I don't think Omid really lost hope. Maybe got a bit sad when he saw the suicide couple, but not depressed :P
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    christa lost hope when she chugged that wine bottle
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