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Can the stranger like you?

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If you chose every single good option is it possible for the Stranger to not call you a monster?

Just wondering
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  • DreadMagus;736549 said:
    To be honest, he didn't seem to hate my Lee and was glad things were going diplomatically.
    I had the same response. The thing he liked least was bringing Clementine to the dairy farm.

    I also mentioned murdering the man I found who was sleeping with Lee's wife, but I don't remember the stranger's response being very dramatic. :P
  • zeke10;736397 said:

    Oh does he get mad if i let larry eat it
    Lol I was wondering what would happen if I told Larry that option. The scumbag Lee videos I've seen haven't picked that choice yet.
  • Gratefully Dead;736510 said:
    Save the animal crackers from episode 3! Don't give'm to Duck! Lee will give them to the stranger and they'll chuckle about how his kid used to like them.

    .....DO IT.
    doesn't work, but kenny did call me an asshole.
  • Considering the fact that there is no "right" or "wrong" choice, he'll criticize about EVERY hard choice that you make and call you a monster no matter what.
  • Get Carley:
    Get Doug:
    Something similar to above

    Don't let Clem eat 'that'
    Let Clem eat 'that'

    Etc, etc, etc

    He hates you, whatever you do.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    If you didn't take the food from the car, there is a way to get him to calm down and not want to kill you.

    To see this, when he asks if he can have Clementine, tell him you were bitten.
  • I just wanted an option to punch him in the throat when he had that gun pointed at me towards the start. I wanted to be like, "I AIN'T GOT TIME FOR ALL THIS 'ARE WE THE REAL MONSTERS' HYPOTHETICAL SHIT! I'M HERE TO SAVE THE GIRL."

    Shame Lee was too polite for his own good. :(
  • The moment this man started talking to his bag, I knew his wife's head is in it, and that he had snapped. While previously i was agreeing with him on everything he said, about Lee being bad influence, and that Clem deserved better parents, my fight with him came out of no where. I came up to him pretty much done/finished no more fight was left in me, the moment he started attacking me with words, I said "hi" and agreed to everything he was saying, it was just this moment, when he talked to his wife's head, i said to myself WTF!!!! Your NOT GIVING Clem to this guy, he's crazy !!!!! And it started.
  • Jennifer;737156 said:
    If you didn't take the food from the car, there is a way to get him to calm down and not want to kill you.

    To see this, when he asks if he can have Clementine, tell him you were bitten.
    I did take the food from the car, but basicly manned up and apologized for all the decisions I made that turned out to not go too well. Even if you would make the same decision again with the given information, you can still apologize for how it went.

    And then, when I showed him the bite in the end, he also became calm and acted like he didn't want to kill me anymore. But when Clementine came out and was very clearly very scared and willing to attack him. Seeing her reminded me of what to do, and when he then was creepilly talking to whatever in his bag I was like: F*ck this, I can't have a crazy man take Clem! Felt good to say sorry, but you is going down! So I looked at the cleaver, and clemmy chopped him in the shoulder with it.

    And then I went Lee-pimp on him and choked a b*tch :P

    But yeah, manning up to your mistakes does create a situation where he is a lot more calm.
  • He hates you no matter what you do, see his judgement of you would have made you think more on your decisions in the past I feel had they not just shown him with his wife's head in the bag. That just made him seem like an unreasonable crazy person.
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