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Which death shocked you the most?

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Lots of death in this game, but which one were you least expecting?
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  • I was surprised with Ben, Carley, and Kenny's death. I respect Kenny for his desicion, but the others we so sudden.
  • Larry, easily. Not that he died, but how. I tried to revive him so being that close to his face when a salt lick crushed it without warning was...whoah.
  • Yeah I wasn't surprised by Doug/Carley's death at all in episode 3. Especially when Doug said he felt useless and when Carley gave her speech, I knew they were toast.

    Most shocking in the moment deaths were Katjaa and Larry to me. And... well, I was expecting Ben to die, but not in the way that he did, in episode 5.
  • Yeah Carley just stunned me. It wasn't her as a character, just why and how sudden it happened. There I was, watching an argument like 'Take a chill pill Lily!' Then, BANG!:eek: WTH?! LILY HOW COULD YOU?! I abandoned her. I can see her side but couldn't risk a murderer :/
  • I picked Mark, Ben, Kenny and Katjaa, but if there was the option, I'd have picked Andy and Danny St. John too.

    Mark was one of my favourite characters. The first time I saw him, I was like "Hey, who the hell's that?" but after a while, every time I saw Mark, I couldn't resist saying, "Oh, hai, Mark! :D" He grew on me really quickly, he was the first person I gave the food rations to (along with Lily, Ben and Clementine). When we went to the St Johns and he was shot in the shoulder by an arrow, I gasped, cracked a few jokes ("Hey, at least it wasn't an arrow in the knee, man") and then squirmed uneasily as Brenda took him into the house. I was already VERY untrusting of the St. Johns. When we walked in for dinner and I asked where Mark was, only to have Brenda reply, "Oh, he won't be down for dinner. He's up resting in bed. He already ate", and I saw that the dinner was meat, I knew. When I had opened the barn door and saw the machinery, the first thing I thought was, "Oh my God, they're eating people, aren't they?" which is why a chill ran down my spine when I turned to see Andy and see said "Didn't you hear the bell?... Dinner time" in that really creepy voice. *shivers* I went upstairs, all the while quietly going "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee D: eeeeeee" and when I saw the bed was empty and walked into the bathroom... "Aw, FUCK."

    Ben was, and I say this with complete sincerity, my all-time favourite character. I didn't like him at the start, my first impression was "Huh, cowardly, stupid, messed up in the head... Welcome to the group, idiot" or something along those lines, but I honestly grew to love him. When I found out he was the one trading the bandits the supplies, I feel like I was the only one to actually say in my head "It's okay, Ben. I'm not angry, man. I'll keep your secret" and mentally hug him. When he fell off the balcony, I literally screamed, and I never react like that to games. I watched as Lee ran after him, muttering "please be okay, please be okay, please be okay". When he said "my leg's hurt", I breathed out, relieved, thinking 'Hey, he can just limp up the ladder, it won't be that hard, we can get him out of here!'... then Kenny moved the trash... and... Oh my God. :'( I cried.

    With Kenny... I wouldn't say shocked as much as sad and filled with respect. The fact that he had one bullet left, and he heard Ben's pleas not to become one of THEM, and he used that one bullet to put Ben out of his misery. I never liked Kenny, simply because of the way he treated Ben, but honestly? After that, I just... wow.

    I was really sad with her death. She was annoying at first, but after the whole Duck fiasco, the way she treated her son was amazing. All I can remember is feeling crushed when she said "I love him more than life itself" and then I looked at Duck and knew 'It's over for him'. I heard the gunshot and I didn't know why everyone was so alarmed, I just thought 'Guys, Duck was going to die anyway. If Katjaa felt strong enough to shoot him, why are you all screaming and running around in circles?' Then I saw Katjaa and I was like 'Selfish bitch, shooting yourself in front of your dying son' but then Kenny's reaction happened... and I cried again.

    Andy and Danny
    They weren't an option in the poll, but I was honestly sad at Andy's death. Danny, not so much, he was a bastard anyway. But Andy... he was just trying to be a good son and not waste, just like Mamma always told him. I always trust the wrong ones, though. I trusted Vernon and I trusted Andy way too much. I liked Andy. I'm not really sure why, it was just an instant thing like "Oh my God, he's too awesome". But Danny creeped me out because I noticed they all had yellow skin unlike the other characters. My first thought was "They must be Chinese" but now I'm all like "Oh, Christ, is that a side effect of eating people? *looks in mirror and puts down half-eaten arm*" But I think I cried just a little at Andy's death. Just the way the VA delivered those last lines... then, of course, he was eaten by Brenda, and I got over it.
  • Oh, and Larry.
    I chose to help him, so I was just like "Hey, I saw his mouth move, and he's breathing, he's OKA- oh." Then a saltlick crushed his head suddenly on my screen. I jumped.
  • Carley.

    I wasn't expecting Lilly to fly so far off the handle that she'd murder another member of the group in cold blood. Carley getting shot in the head took me completely by suprise.

    The runner's up for me would be Katjaa, and Duck. I totally wasn't expecting Katjaa to commit suicide, since she always seemed a more reasonable and less ruled by emotions than Kenny. She also seemed to be handling Duck dying as well as could be expected, all things considered. Finding her on the ground with a self-inflicted gunshot wound shocked me nearly as much as Carley being killed. Initially I thought the gunshot had been either Kenny or Katjaa taking care of Duck, before Lee could do it.

    By the time Duck died of course I knew it had been coming for quite some time. The moment his bite was revealed, I knew he was lost. I'm sure that was also true for most other people who played the game. But I'd rank that bite reveal as being nearly as shocking as Carley's murder or Katjaa's suicide. I'd say nearly because part of me did fear that Duck or Katjaa may have been bitten or scratched when wrestling with that zombie, and only the lack of any mention of bite or scratch immediately afterwards left me feeling that they were safe.

    Lee's death I predicted way back in episode 1, so I didn't find it shocking at all. Since at heart Lee's story is one of redemption, I knew he was going to end up redeeming himself by sacrificing his life to save Clem's. Of course, that didn't make it any less heartbreaking when it happened.

    The saddest death however for me was Duck's, followed by Lee..
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