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O_O! Season 2 goodies galore!

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Wow, sometimes staying up until the ungodliest of hours(3 AM) isn't such a bad thing.

A Season two DVD, case file, and soundtrack! And yet another tempting poster print of the, if only I had the SPACE for such a thing.

I must The packaging of the Season 2 DVD COMPLETELY outdoes the cover for the season 1 DVD, which is a VERY strong compliment from a guy that thought the Season 1 box art was amazing. And the Season 2 case file...I *must* know what's inside! The "original LP recording of the Friendly Demon Song"....that can't be an *actual* record, can it? It must be some sort of not-record...thing....

...I can't *begin* to express how excited I am. I'm going to be staring at that tiny case file picture until either we are told what's inside, or I get mine.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    For the curious, here's a preview of a few of the items in the case file, designed by Gary and me (and based on original game art by our excellent art dept, of course):

  • Wooooooo! Enjoy my money, Telltale.
    meelWORM;73727 said:
    Any chance for a "Sam & Max Season Two Goodies" package with a signed poster print?

    I agree with this. Us signed poster people would quite fancy a discount too... ;)
  • i hate you telltale...well, actually my credit card hates you, i think you're pretty cool.
    the goodies this season look pretty neat. guess what, after i stuffed everything in my cart, i found the goodie-bundle. silly me.
    i ordered everything in one shipment though and i probably won't pester emily later to spilt it. i promise.
    Harley Quinn;73724 said:
    *waves some fresh air*
    is there even fresh air on the internet?
    *waves some air*
    Gary;73731 said:
    I'm pretty sure that "reason" is those slacker designers.
    so, are you "only" designing the item or did you also receive the honor of stuffing everything in the envelopes, once it's done?
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    There's not enough case file pieces back from manufacturing for all of us slackers to stuff. We'll see if we end up doing that ourselves or not this year. I for one would be up for another marathon "The Wizard" session, but I may be alone on that.
  • i didn't get my order number code, will it come in the morning?
  • Heeeeey, this is probably a silly question but if I were to perhaps purchase that bundle with season 2, Surfing the Highway and the Animated Series it's only one shipping cost right?

    Also that Season 2 cover looks awesome, it reminds me a lot of the old Sam & Max comic covers.
  • Is that the final cover for the disc? If not, can I suggest maybe some sort of shadow or liner seperating the art and the blue on the top and bottom. Season One had the rip effect which isn't what I'm getting at here but something to border the art a bit instead of the blue just hitting the art straight on.

    Or maybe once I see a larger photo it'll look better too. Not that it doesn't look good, it looks great!
  • Wow! Great work with everything! Love all the new art and the fact that you instantly made the greatest one a poster!

    (kinda agree's with Xcri5X but think that it will probably look good once you're holding it yourself)
  • Jake;73732 said:

    The demon's mouth looks kinda like... Bubs?
  • this is true indeed...sort of.
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