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What would you change about Season 1?

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Me, personally, I wouldn't have killed off Mark so quickly. He deserved more air time. I would've made Doug or someone else get killed by the arrow instead. What about you?
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  • Not my DOUG!!!
  • I would have shown how Mark came to join the group, rather than hinting and teasing at it.

    I also would have had more different characters interacting. You rarely see Kenny and Larry interact with each other(after the initial drugstore confrontation), or Carley/Larry, anyone/Clementine(though i suppose i can understand this), Katjaa, etc. It would be neat to see what each character's opinion of all the other characters were, but we do see most of them and it's a minor complaint, at best.
  • Make it longer. :D

    Also if Lee is going to cut off his arm, have him do it in episode 4 so he survives. :)
  • I think... More Kenny, idk, more Hard situations with him and Lee, where their friendship will be shown. Don't kill Lee. And more Mark! That's my opinion.
  • Only two things for me and there're minor.

    I would've liked for a few Crawford survivors to be found within the district who you also have to deal with, perhaps even Oberson himself, when you raid the area. They were built up so much that it would've been nice to actually fight some of them while they were still alive and even have one last battle with Oberson on the bell tower (which technically you did, but he was a Walker).

    The other one is that I wish that the final zombie battle was a little bit longer. It was by far the most epic and intense Walker battle, but I felt it could've been made just a little bit longer. That's why I actually prefer keeping Lee's arm because it makes the fight more extended when you use the glass because he uses both weapons on the Walkers sometimes, such as the last one when he stabs it's eye out with the glass and then slices his head into two with the machete knife.

    Other than that and a few technical hiccups here and there, everything was perfect for me.
  • I have to echo that more with Mark would've been better. He was just thrown in and then tossed out quite quickly, with nothing to make me care much about him.
  • I would have gone for a few more situations like the meat locker. That is still for me one of the best choices Telltale offered us, and how it affected the characters around you.
  • Honestly, I'd take out some of the puzzles. I know some people complain that the game already has too few puzzles but, to me, many of the ones that were there just felt "gamey" and took me out of the story. The most obvious, of course, was the radio in Episode 1, but for me the most disappointing was getting the map in Episode 3. As I was playing that I realized that I was offering Kenny a drink, not because he's my friend who just lost his family and needed it, but because I needed him to get out of the chair so I could retrieve an inventory item. That stuck out like a sore thumb only because most of the rest of the game never felt like a game.
  • Kill off clemintine......................................Just kidding
  • The Stranger could give away the supplies Lee and the Macon survivors stole from him to the bandits as a way of getting revenge.
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