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Other emotionally powerful games?

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After finish ep.5, I can safely say that TWD is one of my favorite games. The story was incredible but what really made it for me was how the game made me care for the amazing characters they created. The game had me screaming at my TV at some points, when really its just a bunch of pixels saying and doing some shit. But i wanted to know what other games, if there are, you've played, are like this one in the sense you really care about the characters and the game hurls you through a bundle of emotions, and whether or not they match TWD ?
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    ArthurV Telltale Staff
    I'm a big fan of To the Moon. My wife and I played through the whole game in one sitting, and there were some waterworks by the end, I'll admit. It's basically a point and click adventure game similar in concept to the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The artistic design seems inspired by Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, and other SNES Square classics.
  • Lost odyssey (xbox 360) was the first game that make me cry.
    That game has one of saddest moment that i have ever seen :(
  • The Brave;734873 said:
    Red Dead Redemption for me, to me the ending with John Marston sacrificing himself to save his family got me to tear up just a tad bit. The second ending ending of Jack getting revenge on Edgar Ross had me cheering.

    The most earliest example was Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, the ending had me on edge and thinking Lara is dead was a shocker.
    Well, you just spoiled the ending for Red Dead's no point anymore.
  • ff7 and the walking dead...
  • HiggsBoson2142;737029 said:
    Well, you just spoiled the ending for Red Dead's no point anymore.
    Yeah, the fuck man? Lol.
  • HiggsBoson2142;737029 said:
    Well, you just spoiled the ending for Red Dead's no point anymore.
    C'mon, man, the game's been out for two and a half years. Besides, it's still worth playing, even if you know some of the ending.

    I haven't had any other games effect me quite as much as TWD did, but Heavy Rain, RDR and Mass Effect 3 probably came the closest.
  • Final Fantasy 10 is the only game, that has had some of the same effects on me; like I REALLY cared about the characters. Extremely well written and unpredictable story too like TWD.

    I know FF7 is very loved by many, it is also a great game. But for me it didn't come close to FF10.
  • Nightsky;734994 said:
    To The Moon. Its a great game and very sad (in a good kind of way)
    Second this, it isnt pretty but its got a great atmosphere. Also would follow everyone and say red dead redemption, but why would you recommend the game then spoil the best part of it? No one might of played it :p
  • Agreeing with everyone who mentioned To the Moon. Planescape: Torment has some pretty emotional moments in it too. I could also argue that Shadow of the Colossus evokes emotions, but it didn't necessarily make me sad.
  • I still thin halo 3 ,4,reach are one of the saddest games i've ever played. The characters the pot an the touching music.
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