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Are you willing to make a game ?

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Hi, I've mentioned this before that I'm a game maker for years
I've actually haven't any big success in those years
I' worked on lots of projects and I have some experience

In the past ten years I've been almost worked on every parts of a 3d game
Like 3d design-rig-animate-skin-texturing-programing (Not pro in this one)
I'm not pro in any of these parts but I've worked alot on each of these parts and I know how it works

First of all I should say I know it isn't an easy work at all, I'm going to create a game like TWD! but not quite like that
And I'm pretty sure it's a terrible hard work especially for an online group

But we can do this! How ? So we should find 6 or 7 people to work with and we must swear no one will leaves the work until the game is complete

I know it's looks kind of crazy and it's much harder than what it looks but we can do that!

We need to create a strong alliance, No one is the boss! We just work together and everyone are same( We can speak more about this later)

I say again that creating a game like TWD is a lot harder than what it looks and It coulde take years (depends on how we'll work!)

We can speak more later but for now who will accompany me in this long road ?
(If you have any skills in these parts)
Sorry for broken English
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