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What would you change about Season 1?

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Me, personally, I wouldn't have killed off Mark so quickly. He deserved more air time. I would've made Doug or someone else get killed by the arrow instead. What about you?
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  • Kill off clemintine......................................Just kidding
  • The Stranger could give away the supplies Lee and the Macon survivors stole from him to the bandits as a way of getting revenge.
  • Change Episode 4 quite a bit, I like the episode the way it is. But I'd really prefer it if Episode 4 was more focused on the Stranger and his interactions with Lee and Clem. They seemed to just ignore it in Episode 4 which made me go WTF!?!?! 0_O
  • No Campman and Lee doesn't get bitten.
  • Balancing out Doug and Carley. Because Carley is flat out the better choice because she does way more stuff than Doug, that seemed a bit unfair to me.
  • Making a realy tough decision between Kenny and Ben in episode 5 (if the kid is alive). Maybe Kenny could do something "Ben-ish" and puts both of them in a bad situation, a bit like the Carley/Doug choice. If you droped Ben, there is a similar scene except you have to choose between saving or leaving Kenny to die. I would also add more dialogue. You nearly only talk to Kenny, Clem, Lilly and Carley. The others are just stock. Doug also needs more screen time in ep 1 so more people would save him.
  • ...We should've had an explosion with the blowtorch and diesel in episode 3.
  • I think the epilogue (you know, where clementine is in the field on her own and sees two figures) could have had more closure. I know clem nearly shot herself. I was like :eek: when she nearly did that, but I feel like there was something I should have got out of it that I didn't. Maybe a choice to call out to them or hide? Some form of identification of who it is? Them being Omid and Christa to take her under their wing? The only reason I can see for doing it the way they did is that they will pick it up in season 2. If not, I will be very dissapointed with a epilogue that for me was way too vague. Please telltale, truly conclude that mystery for us? (Unless you are continuing in season 2, in which case, carry on! :D)
  • Get rid of the technical issues. By the time I'd had my file reset on episode 1 several times, I was so fed up with the game that episode 5 didn't resonate as much with me as I'd hoped. I went in wanting to feel emotion, but I didn't, probably because I was pissed at how buggy the game was. Hell, I even had to jump through hoops just to get episode 5 to work.
  • ima go with the easy, safe, most desirable answer and just say that Lee shouldn't have gotten bitten and died... or at least make it so he was bitten being a badass protecting Clem... not picking up a hat... I know he was flustered having lost Clementine... but if he has survived for about 5 months or something in a zombie apocalypse, looking after an 8 year old.... i hardly think he'd screw it all up because of a Z hiding under a bit of cardboard... ya know?
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