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Most emotional moment from the whole series?

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Hello there,

I was interested to know what moment from the whole first series was the strongest for you and why?

There were many strong moments and just the fact that it makes me feel something is enough to know this game is really well done. I can only name a couple games where I felt attached to the characters and really cared about them like this.

For me, I probably have to go with the moment when Duck is about to die and you have to talk to Kenny about stopping the train. We knew Duck was about to die almost whole episode and the atmosphere was built so well. Also the music made it even more sad. When I was walking on the train towards Kenny I knew it will not be an easy discussion. When he simply refused anything bad about Duck at first (even though he does know he is dying) I really felt bad for him even though we had our moments. But I was also pretty proud to manage and talk him down calmly, without fighting him. It even made our relationship better I think.

Interested to hear your moments.
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    Varengas;737151 said:
    Lee trying to get up in the last scene... You could really see the man try, just for her sake, knowing that it was the end and he couldn't go on.
    Omg yes, that was so depressing to watch, I almost broke my controller by pressing it so rapidly lol but it was to no use :(
  • Varengas;737151 said:
    Lee trying to get up in the last scene... You could really see the man try, just for her sake, knowing that it was the end and he couldn't go on.
    This was really important for me as well. For me the realisation that Lee's road had finished and he was done really really hurt.

    Other emotional parts
    Lilly shooting Carely
    Talking Kenny into stopping the train, then shooting Duck.
  • First there was Ben falling from the balcony, Lee lost 2 friends at that moment... and I was just starting to get along with Kenny, I was quite happy with how things were going until I noticed that thing was gonna break and Ben was gonna fall... then realizing I couldn't do shit to help them... ugh =/

    And then there's Lee's final moments, especially watching Clem leaving him there.... his final words to her, and how she just kept looking back as she left, almost as if she was hoping he'd somehow get better...

    Geez, this game is too sad XD
  • Kenny and Lee death... I though they could be a Bro team... Like nothing can't hurt them... Together To the end...
  • Duck's death, from fighting/talking down Kenny all the way to dealing with Duck. Kenny was my bro, and seeing him go through all that was soul crushing. But, it's not better than Lee and Clem in the jewlery store, so I'd say it's a tie between those two moments for me. But the series has been strong throughout.
  • Epic Kiwi;735348 said:
    Burying the starved kid next to his dog was the most emotional moment for me. The ending couldn't top that IMO.
    This scene was the one that made me cry for about an hour. The ending, I didn't cry once. I don't know, I was expecting a better ending. It wasn't that emotional for me.
  • The whole ending...
    -Finding Clem's parents
    -Looking at Lee's green eyes and pale skin
    -Falling to the ground
    -Telling Clem what to do in that deep voice while Clem is just doing what you say in that saddened voice
    -The zombie I THOUGHT was going to kill Clem
    ("yay" moment brought to you by Clem killing a zombie with a bat!)
    -Making the decision to tell Clem to leave or kill me.... I chose leave so, she said..
    -"Leeee....." in that voice just made me... oh god ; ____ ;

    Yeah.... ;C
  • Hayzer;737180 said:
    Lee saying I'll miss you to Clementine in the End. I cried so much :(
    This ._.
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    bubbledncr Telltale Alumni
    When Clementine asks what's going to happen to the cow and her baby at the end of episode 2.
  • Katjaa holding her son while talking about Doug. It even beats Kenny and Ben in that alley and Lee's final moments.
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