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Carley & Doug: Easy & Hard Mode

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I realized that the game is "better" in a sense when Carley is around, and that Episode 2 and 3 are easier because of her. My reasons?

Carley: Easy mode
-In Episode 2, you get attacked by an undead Travis/David. With Carley around, she will shoot the walker in the head
-In Episode 3, you get the chance to interact with Carley to the point where she can give you a kiss on the cheek, lifting your hopes and spirits.
-In the bandit raid in Episode 3, when the walkers begin to attack, Carley will assist you in taking them out.
-In Episode 3, she also gives you the chance to tell the others about your past, which makes them respect you more.

Doug: Hard mode
-In Episode 2, you get attacked by an undead Travis/David. With Doug around, he will attempt to hit the walker in the head with a plank of wood. It doesn't have much affect and you have to deal with it yourself until Larry/Mark takes it out.
-In Episode 3, you get the chance to interact with Doug. He will tell you that he feels completely useless, which in my case, made me kind of sad.
-In Episode 3, when the bandits raid, Doug will warn you about the incoming walkers, and not wanting to waste any bullets, stays in the RV. That leaves Lee to take them out.
-You saved Doug. He doesn't know about your past. Therefore everybody is taken by surprise when Lilly rats you out.

I feel like Telltale unintentionally made the game harder for those who picked Doug. Funny thing is, most people picked Carley.
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  • I chose Carley because she seemed more capable, and I also figured if I were to save Carley she'd have a decent chance helping save Doug but that the other way around wouldn't be as likely.
  • I thought That, since Lily was in the military ( I think. ) she could teach all to use a gun. Doug was the tech specialist. I went for diversity. Also, I didn't really like or trust Carly. she seemed boring. Also, she knew my past. so did Larry. :)
  • TheRickGrimes;736945 said:
    Who'd be more useful in a zombie apocalypse?

    Carly: Female, able to use a gun and get nice headshots and has good points.

    Doug: ..[U]Nerdy technician guy[/U].
    Are you telling me u wouldnt want the stu pickles of the ZA?
  • Merc;736971 said:
    F. He goes out a million times more heroic than Carly.

    G. Fat people scarfing biscuits down never gets old.
    F. ? Carley stands up for herself and another person by standing up to Lilly, something Doug could have never done.
  • NeonBlade;737248 said:
    Females are gender inclusive. So they tend to favor their gender, its called in group bias, so its natural women would favor Carley. Sadly men favor women as well, because they are our biological opposite and desire.

    Well, I'm female, and I chose Doug.
    I liked that Carly came out of the pharmacy to save our group when we first arrived, and saved Clementine from the bathroom walker.
    I didn't like anything else about her. She seemed dumb and absolutely helpless without her gun. She seemed to like putting the men in charge, even when they had not proven anything to her as far as what skills they brought. So I considered her weak, and she proved me right when she was attacked by only one walker; no gun, no resourcefulness. She didn't for a second seem like a future romantic interest for Lee; he was a mature bad ass (even with the clumsiness), and she was a weak girl.
    Meanwhile, Carly told you that Doug had saved her, so you knew he was brave. He stayed calm while other people in the group went off on each other, which I found to be a very important quality. I thought his tech qualities might come in handy, if we ever had the place and equipment for solar power. I had summed up who was best and worst for the group long before the choice had to be made, so it was easy to save Doug.
  • They should've made us choose who to save between Christa and Omid instead of Carley and Doug.

    I'd rather have Doug and Carley take care of Clem :(
  • Team Doug all the way....for me there was no reason to save Carley.
    Doug was a smart nerdy Guy and saved Carley (Before Episode 1) so he deserved it.
    And everbody can learn to handle a gun...even Clem.
  • what i don't understand is that TTG wants you to save doug yet he doesn't have a lot of screentime or presence in episode 1 and so you wouldn't know how good of a character he would be later on.

    To be honest Doug really didn't have a chance with most fans based off episode 1.

    Let's look at the facts in episode 1, Carley saves you what like 2 or three times. You spend more time with her, and despite knowing your past is willing to keep it a secret. Also you go out in a pretty neat rescue mission with her and Glenn. Players have more time to connect with her. Episode one was pretty much pro-Carley

    That's the reason why I saved Carley in my first playthrough. I was pleasantly surprised with Doug later on.
  • MrEverett;737638 said:
    Team Doug all the way....for me there was no reason to save Carley.
    Doug was a smart nerdy Guy and saved Carley (Before Episode 1) so he deserved it.
    And everbody can learn to handle a gun...even Clem.
    Apparently Doug isn't apart of "everybody" then?

    I don't really like how some people believe the only reason people save Carley is because she's an attractive woman. I honestly chose her because you get so much more time to develop a relationship with her in episode 1 and she honestly appeared as a more important character than Doug. Don't get me wrong, I love Doug but really in episode 1 he was just kind of... there. He didn't really do much except turn on some TVs and yell at me to hurry up when I was talking to my bro. The only time I genuinely liked Doug, in episode 1, was when he said:

    "Lee, if we don't get out of this I want you to know, I think you're a great guy."
  • I think Telltale tried to even out the pros and cons of each character. When you were with Glenn and Carley, all she did was complain and wanted to go back to the drugstore. In my opinion that was Telltale trying to make the two seem equal. It didn't work.

    If you ask me, I think you should've been able to pick Carley or Doug to come with you to help Glenn.
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