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TWD season pass ps3 - episode 2 not available???

posted by B_Mandarino on - last edited - Viewed by 3.9K users
I bought the Season Pass on the Sony PlayStation Store on my PS3 last night; i played and beat the entire first episode, and noticed for the 2nd episode it just said 'Get'. I stopped playing for the night and came back to download the second episode today and it said i had to buy it. I exited the game, made sure my system was up to date and when i went back to the game it now just says episode 2 is 'Coming Soon'. I know it's already been released, so why is it not letting me download it?
Help please!
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  • I don't think they care!!!!!!
  • Same problem as EVERYONE ELSE!

    I purchased the seasons pass on Sunday and was able to dl episodes 1, 3 and 4. But not 2!

    I, along with a LARGE group of others have been complaining on the PSN forums, and STILL, no answers.

    I get that there are sometimes issues, and I get that some people are a little spoiled with their need for things "right now", but this has become a matter of principle now.

    With no one at Sony or Telltale giving us updates, and the fact that calling the PSN support line gets you no where (it's been four days and the guy I spoke to knew nothing about it, and suggested I reboot) I am going to ask for a refund and never touch the Sony store again.

    They have STILL been taking people's MONEY even though they should know by now, that there is a problem.

  • i bought the season pass and it wont let me install ep.1 with out buying it again...played all the way to the end of ep.3 and now cant play wich ive installed already episode three for first outing with digital content isnt good at all and i think ill jus stick to disks that i know i can play after i purchase it
  • Downloading Ep2 as I type... hope everyone else's issues are fixed.

    Thanks guys, gonna be playing all night
  • I don't really care that the issue is resolved. I expect a full refund. It already ruined my gameplay experience and I'm sure will be the same for everyone. Its only fair. Awaiting patiently to hear from either telltale or Sony!
  • Mine got fixed too. Good thing too, I was about to join the crowd demanding a refund, but I'm glad the issue has been resolved.
  • This was my 1st and last time getting any thing off the psn store. sticking to disk from now on!!! telltale really needs to get there stuff 2geather. 1 time i have bought 1 of there games. not a great start. and its funny no 1 from the company has posted that it is fixed.. not good!!!!!!
  • To staff at Telltale, please give me contact info. For a refund on TWD season pass refund. Please don't ignore the message. Email me at Imediately. Thank you!
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Sony has confirmed that they have remedied the situation and Episode 2 is now available again on their store.

    For anyone who would like to inquire about a refund, please contact Sony Support for further assistance. We do not have access to any of Sony's records or systems and cannot assist with this matter.
  • I'm having the same issue. I bought the season pass a while back. Just turned my PS3 on after it being off for a month or two and for whatever reason, the game didn't recognize that any episodes were installed. It wants me to pay for episode 1. I was able to download 2-5 just fine, after I figured out how to do it (through a button that goes to another page on the "Season Pass" item in the store).

    I may possibly have gotten Episode 1 initially through Playstation Plus, but then the episodes later through my season pass? Also, my plus subscription has lapsed. I wonder if this is the issue.

    I even tried adding it to my cart and checking out. It wants to charge me $5. Even more, when I do try to check out it gives me an error. Could someone from Telltale support look into this?
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