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Who is hotter? Carley or Molly?

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Personally I liked Carley. She was kind of dumb at first: doesn't know how batteries look like nor how to place them, doesn't know what Volts are etc.. but in EP3 her flirting etc. got me. Sad!

But now with Molly I think she is even hotter. She seems a whole lot smarter and damn that girl has some ninja moves. And I love her hoodie+dust mask combination :D.

I was so sad to see Molly deciding to leave the group and not coming with us :(

Who did you prefer? And darn, I want a romance for Lee already! But that's too late for 1 Episode left meh

edit: Typo in poll. Can't seem to edit. Screw it..
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  • Sexiest Walking dead characters in order from hottest to least hot:

    Doug, doug, doug.
  • Demopan;738024 said:
    Sexiest Walking dead characters in order from hottest to least hot:

    Doug, doug, doug.

    oh god
  • TheNNerdGamer;738025 said:
    oh god
    Oi, you hating on Doug eh? :D
  • no neither or equal options is a total fail.

    Lilly was the best looking even if she did look like a drunk bitch.
  • 1: Rick Grimes
    2: Lilly
    3: Carley
    4: Christa
    5: Molly
    6: Katjaa

    Honorable Mention: That chick Glenn liked that blasted herself.

    No love for Christa, huh? Wonder why.
  • I am a female who is straight but if I had to choose:

    1. Carley
    2. Molly
    3. Irene
    4. Lily
    5. Christa

    Men? why not

    1. Lee! Awesome voice, nice build, nice face, badass
    2. Travis- annoying voice, but he looked kinda cute and his dad was in special forces!
    3. Mark- Cute guy in glasses. Obviously before his legs were chopped off haha
    4. Omid- Cute and funny, not really into short guys but oh well
    5. Kenny- Handlebar mustache
    6. Ben- Whiny voice, kind of looked like Shaggy from Scooby Doo
    7. Glenn- Bleh. The actor that plays him in the TV series is 100x cuter
    8. Doug- Awesome guy, but he had that double chin thing going on
    9. Chuck- Why the hell not
    10. Larry- Despite the charm coming out of his ass, it just wasn't working for me.
  • Molly is way to overpowered to be compared with Glenn I think. He was really cool, I liked him much more.

    All four women who played a important role in the game were attractive for me in their ways... I liked the most of the man, too! I have a thing for "urban" people, so, my favourite woman was Christa!
  • RainbowSprinklz;739374 said:
    kind of looked like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.
    I'm not able to unsee that now.
  • anonymau5;739728 said:
    I'm not able to unsee that now.
    maybe if he had a dog everything would have been fine
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