90s Nostalgia reboot (Boy Meets World sequel)

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Boy meets world gets a squeal Girl meets world.


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    Topanga and Cory are going to be married in the new Girl Meets World tv show! The planet is just as good and pure a place I always assumed it to be.

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    Who gives a shit?

    Just kidding.
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    This is a nothing post about a nothing story, and I'm fighting every urge I have to close the thread.
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    I really don't know what to think about this. I really liked Boy Meets World (and still like it when I catch it on re-runs even now as an adult), but it got too goofy towards the end (and they undid pretty much everything Mr. Feeny taught Eric about overcoming his thoughts about being stupid by making Eric act stupid, having characters joke about it, and having him be proud of it).

    Thinking about it, the last few seasons of Boy Meets World are pretty much what the Disney channel live action shows in the 2000's (to now) are like: unrealistic characters with over-the-top acting, and an almost cartoony atmosphere.

    They said they want to make it "as special" as Boy Meets World. If that means the first few seasons, then it could be a show worth watching for children and adults alike. But, seeing as it's planned to air on the Disney Channel, it will probably be like the goofy final seasons.
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    It does have the most simultaneously heartwarming and creepy final scene of all time though.

    "I love you all..."
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