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How would you react if Clem wasn't in the next series?

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I'd probably have a lump in my throat throughout the whole game. :(
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  • Chomposaur;738435 said:
    Lee's sacrifice wouldn't mean anything if they continued Clem's story in Season 2.

    A - It would be silly for Clem to just bump into another really nice guy who takes Lee's role as a teacher and caretaker. Lee and Clem's bond was special and just doing it again next season with a new character would lessen the importance of his character.

    B - It would make the choices of Season 1 have less meaning. With an open ending, we can all choose our own way of teaching Clem and possibly be right. By continuing Clem's story in Season 2, all of those "Clementine will remember this" actions will be pointless. For instance, if I tried to make Clem a no-nonsense fighter, while you tried to make her a caring and friendly, leaving her story open would allowed us both to be right in our way, rather than making one path correct.
    While I can see where you are going with this, I have to disagree. You are narrowing the application of Clem's story in the next season to assumptions about specific plot details. There are a plethora of ways TTG can continue Clem's storyline without minimizing her bond with Lee and without difinatively determing which decisions from the frist season were right or wrong. On the contrary, I think they would do quiet the opposite.
  • I would not be happy if Clementine wasn't in season two, but I would still buy the game either way.
  • Chomposaur;738448 said:
    Having Clem's personality be affected would add the possibility of there being a "right" choice, or at least a preferable one. That would be a mistake imo, because it would make people who chose the oppisite be "wrong", and make replaying the game less interesting.
    I'm sorry, but I'm just not quite following your reasoning here. If Clem's overall personality or viewpoint depends on what Lee taught her, then there is no right or wrong. It is simply how he taught her to live.

    If Clem's overall personality or viewpoint does not depend on what Lee taught her, then there is a right and wrong way to play season 1, because if you don't teach her exactly how she is in season 2, then she would just throw everything you taught her out the window, making Lee's story more or less pointless in the end.

    Anyway, I would like to at least come across Clem, Omid, and Christa in season 2. I wouldn't mind if the story doesn't follow Clem like it did in season 1, but I would like to at least see more of her character.
  • Also, I'd be very hesitant getting attached to all new characters if there was the possibility of them all being swept under the rug for season 3, Like what happened to Omid, Christa, and Clem if S2 doesn't have them in it.
  • Season two starts with Clementine being eaten by the two cannibals she saw at the end of this season.
  • Chrizza;738672 said:
    Season two starts with Clementine being eaten by the two cannibals she saw at the end of this season.
    that's just... weird
  • Eh, I'll skip the season and play some other Telltale games.
  • It would probably be better with no Clem. Or at least, not us protecting Clem.
  • TheNNerdGamer;738676 said:
    that's just... weird
    That would be totally epic.

    "Ehhh, Mike, give me the calf. Hmmmmmmmm... tasty..."
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