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Scene with Brenda **Spoiler** (no, it's not a glitch)

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Yeah, I know the scene with Brenda and Katjaa is not a glitch. But it's still awful. It stands out as the worst scene in the game, all the more so because the rest of the game is so great.

It's terrible for several reasons, not least of which is that it's incredibly "gamey" and therefore stands out in an otherwise emotional, story-driven game.

I mean, why not have players match colored cubes for cash to be used to calm Brenda down? How about a Facebook page where you have to get a certain number of Likes to pass the scene? Why not a rhythm game while you're at it?

Rhetorical questions aside, the stupid red light/green light game is silly in an otherwise serious game. It doesn't help that the controls are overly sensitive (that's coming from a keyboard-using PC gamer) and that there's no way to figure out what's going on without using the Internet or vast boatloads of trial and error.

Telltale should just fix the problem and apologize, or barring that, just fix the problem.

The rest of the game is wonderful.
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  • I only got killed on that part when I intentionally clicked the obvious bad responses just to hear Lee talk crap to her. :D
  • It's terrible for several reasons, not least of which is that it's incredibly "gamey" and therefore stands out in an otherwise emotional, story-driven game.
    But in it being "gamey," it gives you a lot of obvious clues. Each time you walk towards Brenda a certain number of paces, she will immediately stop moving, pause for a few seconds and then warn you not to come closer.

    If you hover over her, the target to speak will appear.

    I admit I died a couple times, but it definitely wasn't that hard. Annoying to a minimal degree, but not hard.
  • I'll admit it. I died a LOT on this part, more than any other in fact, and yes I even had to Google the solution.

    I don't quite know what I was doing wrong, but when I learned it was all about patience and stopping when she pointed the gun at me it was a breeze.

    But worst, or even bad part of the game?


    I just sucked as a player at that time.
  • I'm going to assume this is a joke thread, especially the idea of using facebook likes...
  • What, you mean you can actually get killed during this scene? I agree, this was one of the easier scenes in the whole game.

    Playing on an iPad, the singe hardest scene (and it was totally an issue of getting the controls to work, it's not like I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing) was getting past the tractor zombie out in back of the farm. The game would NOT make Lee RUN no matter what I tried! Even when I found the exact spot I had to be touching the screen, it was not a cakewalk. I must have died about thirty times trying to get past that damn tractor zombie. Embarrassing!
  • It is one of my fav scenes,but honestly yeah,I had probs with it too.She points the gun,I stop (the very same moment) and she still shoots me. :)
  • I didn't die at all...I think it's pretty obvious to stop when the person with the gun points it at you and says "stop", and to not insult or provoke the person with the gun pointed at you...

    Did people really have trouble with that? That's sad...

    There is either a bug on some versions where stopping exactly when she raises the gun doesn't work, or the more likely reason is that people think they are stopping in time, but actually have terrible reaction speed. And then the most likely reason...people didn't understand at all. Which is an indictment of the education system as it was extremely self explanatory, but I've been amazed at the ignorance of people before...
  • NessaT;737062 said:
    I get killed a couple of times. :P Because I called her a bitch and didn't stop when she pointed the gun at me.

    Didn't have too much of a problem though - what with me being on PC with a shitty mouse and stuff.

    Worst scene would be getting the train to start in Ep 3 (I think). The entire getting biscuits for Duck from the car seems so pointless.
    you can skip that whole animal cracker scenario.
  • this part just clicked with me and i got it, i guess if the solution wasn't immediately obvious it would seem a bit "gamey"

    but to me it was obvious to stop when she pointed the gun and i knew i needed to get close to her so i knew to move when she didn't point the gun at me and once i saw mark i knew how i would save katjaa
  • I had fun with this scene. The alternate dialogue options to make Brenda mad were hilarious.
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