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Vernon and Co.

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Sorry if someone already made a poll about this but I really want to know what people think and in the form of a poll.
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  • they're pieces of shit, instead of taking clem (because i told him to fuck off) he took the boat

    hard shit
  • Me and Vernon were friends in episode 4 (even though I lied to him about Clem being Lee's daughter). I just couldn't believe that he and his group back-stabbed us. Took an instant disliking to the man. 'Grats on getting the boat Vernon, hope zombies tore your group apart before making it to the river.

    EDIT: Great. I chose the wrong poll choice.
  • Fuck that bastard. He completely backstabbed the group, no matter how much they needed it. Our group had a little girl he was willing to take off our hands, and I told him I was gonna think about it. I hope that thing sunk and they all drowned. Or walkers got 'em. Hope walkers got 'em while they were drowning. Bastards.
  • Yeah, I hope they'll sit there in their boat in the middle of the ocean and reminisce about that time they just killed off a whole group of people including a little girl (for all they know). I hope they all regret it deeply and feel like shit as long as their food supply will let them.
  • Hopefully they get lost at sea and all their food falls off the boat.
  • I understand what they did, Vernon saw the train and connected the dots. Figured a herd was coming. Didn't have the decency to warn Lee's group though, assuming I'm correct. One thing that really pisses me off is how he said, not in my main playthrough but one of my other ones:

    "You don't strike me as man who cares for others."

    What? What about you my good sir? You're leaving a little girl and a group of people that helped you get some medicine... Despite this, I understand. It's a zombie apocalypse, you gotta do what you gotta do. Still it's nice to see some people that believe in humanity over survival, I thought Vernon was one of them... and now most of those people who believed in humanity are dead (Doug, Carley, Katjaa, Lee [my main playthrough]).
  • I want to skullfuck them with a sledgehammer.

    Draw your own conclusions.
  • :mad: I understand why they did it, but I hope something happens to those fucking invalids.
  • Fuck'em. Seriously. I was completely honest with them, helped them get their medicine, and treated them as if they were a part of our own group. Not only did they steal our boat, but they helped us fix it under the pretense that they would have Crawford and all of it's supplies while we got the boat and left. Vernon even said in my playthrough: "Times like these, we all gotta help each other out." No, sir, you mean that WE have to help YOU build OUR boat so that YOU can STEAL it from us.

    They knew we were going to use it. They knew we had a child with us. They knew it was pretty much our only hope. The guy even said I was a good man! So he's willing to steal from good people to save his own sorry ass? I hope the walkers get'em on their way to the river, they don't even deserve to touch water in that thing.
  • When playing the game I was like "oh well, they needed it more". You know, 'collective efficiency' if you can call it that.
    So when I started reading this thread I was surprised by the extreme anger for their group.
    Although, when you line up all those arguments and things they said, promised etc. I'm beginning to have the same feeling, that I got betrayed.
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