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Did you lee die a ' ampulee? '

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Awnser in the comments
idk how to do poll :( but yes. does it effect gameplay whats so ever too?

but yeah did u die ampulee
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  • It was so tempting, but it was obviously too late for it to do any good.

    I thought my best shot at saving Clem would be with a two handed Lee.
  • Yeah, I thought he would survive.
  • you get the most epic moment if you keep your arm

    I already knew lee wasn't going to survive so I kept it
  • Went out with both arms blazing brother.
  • Well, I didn't. I thought about it, and I wouldn't have the balls to let people cut my arm off, because I thought it was already too late. The bite was already affecting Lee, since they only thought about cutting his arm off after he had passed out from the bite for the first time. And then I thought about one-armed Lee trying to save Clem, and I just thought "Nope, not gonna happen.". If there was one thing Lee was gonna do before he died, it would be saving Clem. And I thought not having two arms would impair me on that quest.
  • I figured I may as well try it, as he was a dead man if he didn't do it and if he did there was an ever so slight chance he may actually live. My friend decided to not do it for his Lee and man does he ever keep passing out if you keep that arm! You'd think ampu-Lee would be the one worse for wear but he's got it easy.
  • plaqueconspiracy;738846 said:
    Went out with both arms blazing brother.
    Yeah brother!!! YEAH!!! ROCK THEIR WORLD!!!! ROCK THEIR WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ampulee?

    While I rolled my eyes, I can't stop laughing. :D
  • I've seen enough of the Walking Dead to know that Lee was a dead man. I decided that my Lee knew that as well so he would like to stay focused on Clem instead of clinging to some false hope of survival.
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