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Guess the movie Quote

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Alright the rules are very simple.

Post a line from a movie, and whoever gets a right answer, can post the next quote.

So, I'll go first.

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  • I'm not even sure how that quote would work in the context of Psycho, particularly since you don't find out what's really going on with Mrs. Bates until the end.
  • I googled it, so I know what it's from but I haven't seen that movie so I won't say.
  • I knew I had seen the movie, and it was driving me crazy. I googled it, and not only have I seen the movie, I own it and I've probably watched it 10 times. I've come to the conclusion that I've seen too many movies to keep track of stuff in them.

    my favorite quotes from that movie had to do with them having to have their body parts adjusted after they pass out.
  • Let's move on. The answer is "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid". I'll let someone else choose the next quote.
  • You're talkin' to me all wrong, that's the wrong tone. do it again, and I'll stab you in the face with a soldering iron
  • Joe Dirt

    "Eat your sandwich. I need some sleep."
  • Hitman.

    “Baby, it’s cold outside!”
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    Jennifer Moderator

    "The party's over? Hey, come on! What do you mean, the party's over? It's not even ten o'clock, you dummy! Hey, come on, loosen up, man! It's almost New Year's Eve!"
  • Trading Places

    "You have been supplied with a false idol to stop you from tearing down this corrupt city. Let me tell you the truth about Harvey Dent from the words of Gotham's police commissioner, James Gordon. 'The Batman didn't murder Harvey Dent, he saved my boy then took the blame for Harvey's appalling crimes so that I could, to my shame, build a lie around this fallen idol. I praised the mad man who tried to murder my own child but I can no longer live with my lie. It is time to trust the people of Gotham with the truth and it is time for me to resign.' And do you accept this man's resignation? Do you accept the resignation of all these liars? Of all the corrupt? "
  • The Dark Knight Rises

    "Do you like being the only genius-level repeat offender in the mid-West?"
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