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Help with polls

posted by xuzi56 on - last edited - Viewed by 593 users
I did all the posters for the Lincoln thing, but im stuck on what to do next. I looked on these forums (SO GLAD I FOUND UM) but im still stuck.

I put the roach thing on lincoln, and then took him back off and idk how to call sybil. I went to the office and i can only call the white house and the pizza place.

Can someone please help me? :confused:
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  • I just need to get into the war room and help bosco is all!!!!!

    please just tell me how to do it, instead of telling me random things please! im very frustrated!
  • Ok, now what?
    I got into the war room, and fired at bosco, and his thing destroyed it. But im stuck on what to do next, i went to his shop and talked to him but nothing happened.
  • Yes! Finished the game!
    Thanks to everyone that helped!
  • Molokov;73995 said:
    Now play it again and try all the things you didn't last time

    (Click on "Did you try?" on that page)
    holy chicken....
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