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Christa & Omid WTF!?

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Err what happened to Christa & Omid looking after Clementine? I told them to wait by the train after they promised to look after Clem, hell I even told Clem to find 'em at the train. So why is Clem alone in the countryside?
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  • She didn't make it to the train, obviously.
  • But how did she know to go to the country?
  • She's a kid, she got lost and wandered there.

    Hell if I know.
  • There's always the possibility that Clementine will be in season 2, and she will tell you that she tried to look for Christa and Omid, but there were too many walkers, and she just got the hell out of Dodge. After all, there were 3 options; some told her to go to the train, some told her to find the boat, some told her to go to the country. (or pretty close to that on the options) They couldn't show all 3 scenarios.
  • dustpuffs;739327 said:
    They couldn't show all 3 scenarios.
    Well they could've ;)
  • It's hard to know how long it took Lee to get to the correct floor of the hotel. He probably had to use the stairs and checked every floor. That would take a long time. Then the way down with Clem. Then Lee passed out. We don't know how long he passed out. A little girl had time to drag a grown man's body into a room and cry by his side. Then Clem had to find her way back out, and I don't know if the door in the room at the end led directly to the streets or not. How does Clem know what streets to take? Christa & Omid might have a better sense of direction so they went to the train. Also, wasn't the sun kinda low when Lee tried to cross the sign to the hotel? The sun was nice and high when Clem was in the field. Was that a day or two days later? How long could they wait at the train. What if when they got to the train, they saw that it was the cause for all the zombies and couldn't get to it?
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