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What the F***, Kenny?!!

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Okay, now I just wanna start off by saying that I really liked Kenny (as most people do, I hear) during episode 1, hell he got on my nerves a bit at the end bit of Ep.2 where he chicken-shited out in the barn while I almost took Danny's rifle to the face, and I of course felt for the poor guy in ep.3, we all know what happened there so I won't bother retelling it... I just finished playing through ep.4 and Kenny told me that he refused to help me rescue Clementine because I've proven that I'm all about saving myself... SAVING MYSELF?!!? The guy who's bit and STILL wants to save a little kid even though he knows that he's going to die soon does NOT strike me as selfish, Kenny!

So I started thinking what could have set this way of thinking off for old Ken? We were basically BFFs right up until... Ep.2!! :eek:
All right, now I'm pissed, I saved Kenny's son Duck from walkers on Hershal's farm, I defended his whole family from that asshole Larry in the drugstore, I fed his son and Clem the rations at the start of ep.2 (which he said was great), I saved his wife AND his son from the St. John's brothers and their crazy ass mom, I told both Kenny AND his wife about my past to show that I trusted them, I fed and looked out for Duck AGAIN after he got bit at the Motor Inn, I killed not one, but TWO kid walkers so far because Kenny couldn't do it (truth be told I didn't want him to shoot his son though, that really is something that no parent should have to do, so I'll let that one slide), and I'M the bad guy here?!!? WHY?! Because I decided that I wouldn't murder Larry in cold blood until I was SURE that he couldn't be saved?! That's why you won't help me save an eight year old girl from what I'm pretty sure is either a petophial or a killer? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you, Kenny! (by the way, every time I say his name I say it like Cartman from South Park, just FYI :p)

Okay, got that out of my system now :p, but seriously am I alone in this thought process here? I really want to know because the whole thing seems kind of ridiculous to me at this point in the game.

.... thoughts? :)
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  • While most people don't have a problem with you swearing in your actual post, can I ask you not to swear in the thread title? I've changed it this time, but if you could avoid doing so in future, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  • Yeah. For reasons stated above: Fuck Kenny!
  • I like Kenny, despite him going on the defensive about not wanting to help him kill Larry. He ended up helping me find Clem in my scenario, though.

    Promise I'm not a troll or a grammar nazi. :o But yeah, campman definitely did come off as one.
  • @WhiterNinja-
    Pretty same playthrough, here.
    I wrote these on many threads as I'm the most antiKenny player in the world.
    In my opinion, Ben was not our true loser in the whole game but Kenny was. He REALLY really really screwed by killing Larry in cold blood and started some series of a chain reaction from that moment. He caused the whole group scattered. Yeah, I'm with you to death; Kenny.
    By the way, it is not necessary to argue on that jerk no more, as we all got rid of him at last(I HOPE SO!). :D
  • I also hated Kenny's guts both times I played. In my first I may have helped Lily with Larry but I still looked out for Duck and defended him and I had to bend over backwards to talk him into coming with me. In my second play I helped him 100% and even killed Ben and he still says the SAME BS but this time I was done with him and picked the "Fuck you" option. I wish I could have choked his ass out again.
  • When you tried to save Larry you basically said "Kenny, I'm going to risk your wife and families lives (as well as your own and everyone else's) for some old asshole who literally tried to kill me after I got him his heart medicine and who may already be dead. Sure the family is the one thing you care about and I'm risking them getting eaten alive but it's no big deal. Why are you so angry?"

    And at least I CAN get him on my side unlike Lilly who shoots Carely and steals your RV and leaves everyone to die no matter what you do.
  • Huh. I didn't even drop Ben and I got the "Bros 4 lyfe" speech. Ken's a great guy who has your back if you got his.

    Which is better than I could ever say about Lilly.
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