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Sorry Telltale but your in-app download system is garbage

posted by Warboys on - last edited - Viewed by 230 users
Really? It's the 21st century, 2012 and we can't pause and resume downloads?!

I just spent 3 hours getting 48% of the way through downloading Episode 2 and then my connection screws up. So here are some questions for you...

1. Why can the download not resume?
2. Why does it take 3 hours to get 48% of the way through an app download?

Please update this broken system. I spent a small fortune (in relative app prices) to continue what was an absolutely excellent game. But I can't even play it. I've spent more time trying to download the next episode than it takes to play through it.

I love your game but this is pretty disgraceful.

Bonus Question:
3. Why does your registration form for the forum clear the 'confirm email', 'enter password' and 'confirm password' boxes whenever the CAPTCHA fails? Half the time people can't read it.. it's going to fail... so we have to retype everything 4-5 times. Even signing up for the forum takes 500% longer than other companies...
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  • Same issues here.
    They're supposed to have an "on-going fix", but I guess it's just like trying to install episodes: takes forever and no results lol.
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