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how do you like the game?

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hey guys, i thought that the guys at tell tale could use some feed back on what you think of the game,

i think it's awesome, keep the great work coming. i'll be looking forward to more games in the future.

any other thoughts guys?
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    i havent played it yet but i love the music and i think its great dudeboroughs in it!! :D
  • The game is good. I really like the style, feel, sound, and speed of it. Everyone loves poker, I guess...

    and an adventure game coming in just weeks!!!!!!!!

    I guess these characters will be in the first adventure game? If so I like where this is going.
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    okay i just finished my first game..i came third..damn that ted..dude hes smarter than he sounds!! at first i didnt think id know how to play then i realised catchin those world poker tournaments on cable sometimes when nothins on came in handy! its a fun game.. the characters, animation and voices are top notch..i think if you apply those to an adventure game it would be awesome!! the dialogues great and so is the voice acting.. obviously this is just a taste of whats to come..but i give telltale the thumbs up on this 1 :D

  • "and an adventure game coming in just weeks!!!!!!!!"
    I'm pretty sure they're just announcing what the game will be. Nothing more. B-)
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    The game was not bad, I hoped they'd put more characters in there so the game would be a bit more dynamic. Overall, pretty good.
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    The game is really well done. And it is interesting to have more than just a poker game, by having the interaction between the players.
    Personally, I can't stand that Dudebrough guy. Too bad I cannot team with Boris to tell him to shut up! :-L
  • Even though the premise of the game ain't my idea of a great time or of lasting gameplay appeal, the characters are interesting enough. And because I really have my trust in you guys, I bought it. I'll probably check back in for a relaxing poker-game now and then though, so I guess it works for what it wants to achieve. Plus I'm a sucker for details, so I'll probably play it alot just because of my a%¤l urge to not miss a single thing.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy that you tossed us a bone. We were all quite hungry.

    The characters look cool, and they respond in alot of nice ways in correspondence to what is happening in the game, so that it doesn't get repetitive too quickly, (well, I've only played it a couple of times, but still.. I haven't gotten too many of the same lines yet.) And I love how you allready seem to have gotten down a sense of "Telltale spirit" in the game. That's quite an accomplishment actually. I had a great time just reading the rules, and even the credits. Kudos to the whole creative team. The whole team actually, even though the game itself isn't anything "major", presentation is everything, and the game pages/shop/game itself looks very polished and stylized.

    The comic is off to a promising start too. Maybe it's just because i'm even "slower" than usual today after a hard day at work, but it took a minute for the "punchline" to sink in. But that's a good thing. Yay for new cool content!

    And yeah, $15 is two beers in Norway. Which means most $15 I've spent resulted in far more repetitive ordeals, and gave me much less excitement. And I actually like beer alot.

    Well, I'm back to some poker action. I always win against my friends. I guess Dudebrough ain't my friend. And what's with Grandma? She folds quicker than.. Oh I forgot we have to keep it clean.

    I'll shut up now.
  • I really like the idea of poker with some character conversation going on between the players. However, I have to say I'm no big fan of Dudebrough (but the other characters are fine). I can't exactly figure out what all I don't like about him. Nevertheless, I hope you have no plans of making him a main character in any of your games... :-s

    I'd probably still buy it though. Because the subliminal messages in this game tell me to... @-)
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    what? i think dudebrough's hilarious..
  • I'm just not too thrilled with him at the moment. Maybe it's because he keeps winning X-(. But I think it's the voice. Wasn't what I was expecting, I guess. Maybe he might grow on me. I'll give him some more time.
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