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Who the 2 people in the distance really are.

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A user on a forum I visit, Derp Y. Mail played around with the TTG extractor and extracted the last scene from the game. He moved to the silhuettes and look what he found.


Creepy huh?

Mods, remove this if it's not allowed, I couldn't find any rules against this.

Edit: Answered on page five.
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  • Well, it's definetively not Omid and Christa then lol.
  • Well shit.

    Christa looks terrible. JK, but damn nice job haha. Hopefully this turns out to be a hoax they look creepy as fuck I don't want them anywhere near Clem.
  • I think this just shows further that we'll likely going to continue from where we left off. Also you can try to extract the scene yourselves, I don't really know how to do it though...
  • swebonny;740097 said:
    I think this just shows further that we'll likely going to continue from where we left off.
    No complaints here. Fuck yeah.
  • Hey there, I'm the guy. :v

    Anyway, this isn't a hoax. I didn't use a TTG extractor, though. I used a generic game-scene extractor that analyzes an entire 3D scene and outputs a model file from it called "3D Ripper XD".

    But yeah, not a hoax. Try it out yourself using Maya and the above program. Works with Max 2012 as well. :p
  • Really, at this point Telltale could use any of their character models as the shadowy figures - it doesn't mean anything. The one left looks a lot like their Dougie model and the one on the right is a bit Campman'ish.
  • Honestly... I don't like how they look, and I hope they aren't the Season 2 Characters.
  • Damn I hope that they change their minds about these characters... I don't like the look of them :( but I'm sure TTG will do the right thing when it comes down to this sort of stuff :) thanks for sharing though, I bet this will be all over the forum now lol :)
  • I think the only thing this would prove is that they are new people, not how they look. They probably put random models in there because they have not designed season 2 characters yet.
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