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Past characters in season 2: yes or no?

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Since, it's pretty much confirmed that Clementine will appear in s2, what other characters would you want to appear, even if it's just a cameo?
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  • its not confirmed...
  • aaron1290;740200 said:
    its not confirmed...
    I said pretty much. They wouldn't make an epilogue like that one otherwise.
  • I hope Kenny's alive.. D:
  • That1Guy;740201 said:
    I said pretty much. They wouldn't make an epilogue like that one otherwise.
    The epilogue was the ending with Lee and Clem. The after credits scene was a tease that they may or may not use.
  • Omid!! Christa can tag along I suppose...
  • It's not confirmed....don't use that word until the big guys up there say so
  • Vernon. As an half-eaten corpse.
  • Lilly. Now that Kirkman just abandoned the game and changed her in Road to Woodbury, everyone thinks they're not the same person, so I'm guessing that's an opportunity for them to bring her back.
  • I would like Christa, Omid and Clementine to appear in the first two episodes maximum, then leave the group to live on a farm in the countryside and Molly to be a main character (not playable though, I think her saving Christa and Omid in Savannah and helping them get out of the city would be a cool way to fit her in). I think a new character should be the playable one though.

    Edit: I would hate for Lilly to come back now, there is no way Clementine would accept her back anyway. And I would prefer that Telltale remain ambiguous as to whether she is the same Lilly in the comics. I still like to think she is.

    Edit again: And I think it would be ridiculous for Kenny to come back now after the sacrifice he made. Either way he was corned by zombies with no bullets so he is fucked. And I would only like Vernon and the group back just to see them be killed.
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