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Walking Dead Problem

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Hello all. I'm new here. :)

I really love this game, but there are some technical issues.

After I lost my save file, cause of the well-known bug, I was forced to start all over again from the beginning. So I started a new game, using a new save file. After I completed the first episode, the screen returned to the game menu at the episode selection. The default choice was episode 2. That's cool and normal till now. When I clicked "play" the game informs me that it's going to have random generated choices for the episodes I bypassed (?). It's like it doesn't recognize my save progress from episode one and "forget" all my game choices. So it started the second episode with random generated choices.

Does anyone else have the same issue? Do you have any solution to this problem?

Thank you in advance.
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  • Yup.

    Had completed all the way through Ep 2, when I discovered the bug at the start of Ep 3. With no existing save file (though the data was actually on the XBOX), I had to restart the whole thing. Downloaded Eps 4 & 5 though, and figured I'd have no problem.

    Got through Ep 1 again. Waited a week before jumping into Ep 2, and sure enough, my brand new save file was gone.

    I cannot even begin to describe how incredibly frustrating this is. I'm not a hardcore fanboi gamer. I have very little time in my life for games actually, and the ones I do play, I'm incredibly picky about. But, as a fan of the comics, show, the genre, the old school "Choose Your Own Adventure Books" and frankly, this game, I was pleased with how much I enjoyed Chapter 1, and subsequently Chapter 2. Was eagerly awaiting to continue my hard work.

    To know now that I'm probably going to have to treat each Chapter as its own story, rather than the enjoyment of the relationship building/diplomacy that would have occurred over the previous chapters and the satisfaction of helping to tell a cool story at the end, is very sad.

    I'm very forgiving when it comes to bugs and glitches in video games. They are complex animals. But as this is what I consider to be a central, if not the central core mechanic to this multi-chapter game, it's really unacceptable. And I hate to sound like the father of four that I am, but Telltale, it's not that I'm mad, it's just that I'm really disappointed.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Can you please clarify the issue you are experiencing? Any detail in regards to what you did just before it occurred, what exactly did occur, and if any error messages were seen, will all be helpful in assisting with a solution.
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