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Would you still get Season 2 if Clem wasn't in it?

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Would you still get Season 2 if Clem wasn't in it? What if it was about completely new people? Would you still buy it?
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  • either way I'd buy it
  • I'd be disappointed, but I'd still buy it. Hopefully there'd be another character as lovable as Clem, though, or at least close.
  • I Dooooon't CARE!

    Lee's dead :(
  • After this season, I'd play any Walking Dead game Telltale makes.

    I'd be disappointed if Clem wasn't in it but I'd deal, the game would be amazing regardless.
  • shedim;739597 said:
    No Lee, no Season 2 for me.
    I'm sorry, that's a terrible reason for not getting Season 2...
  • Uhm, Of course I would. Though I'd prefer Clem, I'd play it either way.
  • Can't believe people said no its the walking dead not the walking clem
  • I of course would buy it, but it wouldn't be the same without Clem. I would be extremely disappointed if they left season 2 on a cliff-hanger.
  • It would be a pretty stupid thing for TTG to do for them to not include Clem because she is the most favoured chacracter for next seasons protagonist. I don't see why you guys aren't gonna give it a chance, if you don't like it, then you dont have to buy the next episode do you? And plus, you took a risk on the first season, why not do it again? I wold be surprised if they didn't use Clem, seeing as the ending was a cliffhanger but I am going to give it a chance :) be open minded you might like it :)
  • I'd defenitly get season 2, with or without Clementine. It'd be a shame if they made that ending cutscene, if they didnt explain it further in season 2, however... Im guessing i would just ignore it, for me, Lee getting shot by Clem was the end of season 1... SCREW the cliffhanger! It's one of the only things I actually didnt like from the game :(
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