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Your Favorite Decisions

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I think one of my most memorable moments during this game was the meat locker scene in Starved For Help. Without the benefit of hindsight and ignoring the fact this is a game which you can reload if you die, I really think the Larry choice is the best decision in the game.


-You are completely unarmed and Larry is a massive guy. The salt lick would only be a useful weapon against a still body, attempting to hit a moving walker with it would be difficult.
-Clem was right there with you and the door was locked.
-Due to Larry's condition and the lack of access to the medical supplies, there was very little chance of recovery.
-Larry had proven himself to be a dangerous liability at times, nearly throwing a child into the street, he attempted to murder Lee, and he was the last person who could potentially expose Lee at the time.
-Look at the trouble nearly the whole group had earlier in the episode with the one legged teacher, Larry would have been far more of a handful.


-There was no way to know if he would recover, so you were effectively murdering a living man, something you had not done before in this game.

I killed Larry, but what an awesome choice, truly no clear definitive right or wrong course. I really hope Season 2 has more really tough decisions like this one, there were a lot in Episode 2, I think that's why it's my favorite episode overall.

What was your favorite decision in the game?
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  • Definitely the meat locker scene. I think that was one of the choices that changed the relationship with Kenny, which is crucial for his character development in later episodes.

    Or Doug/Carley, since the difference between the two lasted up until the middle of episode 3.
  • I really liked the Carley / Doug decision just because of how the scene played out. The slowdown that played and the music that resembled a heart beat was really nice. I wish they did more decisions like that.
  • Leaving Lilly on the side of the road, lol.
  • Saving Ben.

    It was the first time I actually felt a dilemma of what to do... normally I just choose from the hip... as it were.
  • Dildor;740533 said:
    Leaving Lilly on the side of the road, lol.
    ^This, that one and Larry (tried to save) were the two hardest choices I made.

    Finally seeing Ben fall down the bell tower and hearing him being torn apart. Just fun, particularly after voting for him to stay with us.

  • Finally seeing been fall down the bell tower and hearing him being torn apart. Just fun, particularly after voting for him to stay with us.
    Ha. As Lee would say, "Damn, that's cold."

    I had a hard time with the decision to either leave Clem or take her with us to Crawford.

    I panicked when the timer started draining and thought both decisions kind of suck.

    If you take her, she might be in danger but at least you know where she is. Leave her with Omid, you assume she's safe because the house is well-protected, but I've heard a walker ends up getting in anyway if you make that choice (though she ends up running and hiding/shooting it).
  • Telling Lilly that I wanted to go with her in the RV rather than stay with Kenny. Still wish I could have gone with her.
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  • Saving Ben. There was the Carley/Doug Decision, the Meat Locker, and the Walker Horde at the Train. But above all of them, the climax to Ben's scene juts made me stiff to the bone. I knew exactly what I was gonna do, (Pull him up) but the entire situation was amazing.
  • The meat locker and Ben. I sided with Kenny on both accounts (although saying I sided with him in the belltower is a bit inaccurate, as I couldn't give two shits about what he wanted me to do right then). Most difficult choices in the game by far, for me at least.
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