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Is money an inappropriate subject?
I like talking about money. I find it relaxing. I was wondering if other people were in the same case and would like to talk about it.

I know it's often taboo (you're not supposed to ask people how much they earn or stuff like that) but I wasn't sure if it's considered controversial enough to be, well, something to avoid talking about on forums.

Either way, if anyone else is interested, here is a money subject. Well, for now. Who knows what it's going to turn into.
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  • I found something that tells you how rich you are compared the the rest of the world based on your yearly income.
  • Ah, money. What can we really say about it? That necessary evil that drives our ambitions and lives :p

    As a university student, money is really tight for me right now, and will only get tighter when I (though I should really say "if" at this point) go abroad next year. Scholarships, grants, and a little rainy day fund we started years ago are the only things keeping me from drowning in debt. I get a little monthly income to keep me fed and through little budgeting and shopping-spree resistance, I have a little extra to put away and to splurge once in a while. So though I don't live extravagantly, I don't live uncomfortably either.

    EDIT: Out of curiosity I checked out your link, avistew. In summary, I feel much more fortunate after seeing my percentage :p
  • I just redid my budget so I thought I'd revive this thread.

    I found this while looking for average/maximums (apparently maxima isn't a word) for categories to know where I stood.

    You input your income and it shows the maximum amounts you should spend in a given category (except for savings, which is the minimum).

    I totally don't fit with it at all. I sent it to a few friends and their comments matched ones. I know a lot of people don't like detailing money things too much, but I thought people might share if they spend more/less than the estimate in some categories? No need to say exactly by how much either, of course.

    Here is how much I spend:

    Housing: less
    Transportation: currently N/A, always been much, much, much less (read, a fifth to a quarter of what they say, tops)
    Debt: N/A
    Food: less
    Household: less, but close
    Savings: much more
    Everything else: about right

    I also saw another one that recommended you spend 5% of your income on entertainment (which would be part of "everything else" in this one I assume). I spend more than that.

    The two things the people I shared the figures with all agreed were:
    - "They're crazy about transportation! Divide that by 2 or 3 at least!"
    - "5% only for entertainment? That's asking for depression!"

    But... The people I talked to had low to medium income (therefore 5% was often under 50 bucks a month, always under 200 bucks - for the whole household, not per person), and they didn't have cars. I assume the only reason transportation costs might get so high would be if you have a car (price of the car + price of the insurance + gas + repairs).

    So... anyone else care to share their view on this?

    For the record, these are obviously estimates, since there is no reason getting a raise would in itself cause you to pay more in rent, bills or transportation. So I didn't expect it to reflect my case exactly, but it was really very different from my own situation, and I'm wondering if there is anyone here who would look at it and think "Mh, yeah, about right".
  • You're a fascinating person in this respect. I think i've never meet a person online who is so extrovert and offering so much personal information. Feels refreshing and weird at the same time. No offense meant.
  • taumel;318059 said:
    You're a fascinating person in this respect. I think i've never meet a person online who is so extrovert and offering so much personal information. Feels refreshing and weird at the same time. No offense meant.
    Haha thank you. I guess I see no point in hiding it? I don't know, my family was pretty secretive about stuff, maybe I just rejected that completely?
    It can be hard though to know if you're the "honest person who doesn't hide stuff" or the "weird person who keeps giving too much information".
    Reading your post, maybe I'm both! :D
  • This forum definately would be less interesting without you!
  • You're a weird person who doesn't hide stuff, Avi :p
  • Still living with my parents, my dad's got a 10,000 dollar debt which causes us to live a bit poorly, I don't have a job despite my attempts to get them and I am in dire need of money with bills I can just barely pay and a girlfriend in England whom I want to visit but expenses are awful.

    So no, thinking about money doesn't make me calm. It near on gives me anxiety attacks.


    This thread was in the "Relevant threads" list below a Walking Dead thread. So I assumed it was active.

    OH FIE.
  • Well, by admitting how and why you've bumped an old thread you've automatically cleared yourself of any blame... and any potential reprimands as well. Dash and bother. I was so looking forward to telling you off, too.
  • Darth, you are by far the most interesting and colourful mod here.
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