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The doggy door??

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In episode 5 Lee gets grabbed through the dog door. How is this possible? Was the zombie wearing the collar? :confused:

Oopsies. :rolleyes:
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  • It's probably still in Lee's pocket somewhere ^-^ x3

    Yeah it's a bit weird.
  • Two perfectly reasonable explanations, not that one is really needed.

    1/ Come on guys it's a doggy door, a motivated zombie could push through it fairly easily. Lee and his group didn't kick it in when they found the mansion because they were literally surrounded by riled up walkers that were looking for them and it would have made a loud noise and given away their location.

    2/ Alternatively, maybe Clem unlocked it from inside when she left at the end of episode 4, I guess Lee would have had that door secured and maybe that was the only way Clem could get outside?
  • It's electronic. Maybe it was only running on what was left of the power and finally fizzled out. Or someone broke it (Lookin' at you, Ben).
    I have no idea why I'm defending a plot hole, I just am XD
  • The walker had got the 120 stars and unlocked the door
  • Funny how the forgot it after having like a five minute long thing about burying the boy next to the dead dog's body..
  • Lee puts a blowtorch with tank and all in his back pocket and you question about a doggy door? :P
  • Couldn't lee of just dropped the collar on the ground and forgotten it? Clem had just rushed in and he was worried about her.
  • BlackPaladin;740720 said:
    Lee puts a blowtorch with tank and all in his back pocket and you question about a doggy door? :P
    Nah man, he pulled a Christopher Walken and stored it up his ass.

    Totally different thing.
  • I think I would have preferred allowing the badits to keep the food/supplies that lee found if that's the case. I don't like that kind of chocolate on my energy bars.
  • I noticed it, but I thought it was left unlocked.
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