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I am so tired

edited November 2012 in Game Support
Tell Tale Games. I am sorry to say this but I am so tired of you. When you released the ep 4 for PC I sat down with a cup of coffee and looked forward to playing the game but only to find that I couldn't download it. Instead of enjoying your game I spent the whole day trying to work around the download issue. This time around I came prepared. I downloaded everything a couple of days ago. I cleard the calender for saturday afternoon. I had checked that everyting was in working order. Just now I started my computer. Sat down to enjoy your game. What happens? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The game freezes after it says connecting.

PLEASE! I didn't have any of theese issues with BTTF or Monkey Island. I just want to enjoy the game. Why must this be so impossible with Walking dead. What's going on?


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