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what guy is your Lee

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(sorry mods I know this has been done before)
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  • Yep looks like Nice Lee is at top so far.
  • Ni ni ni ni ni ni ni ni ni ni NICE LEE!
  • IAmTheLastOmegaManOnEarth;722208 said:
    My Lee started off as a good guy, thought of others before himself, was kind and trusting and tried not to choose sides between Kenny and Lilly. However the meat locker changed him, he did not want to put Clementine in any danger. He did regret it and justified it to himself that Larry was dead (as i believe he was). He did not kill the John's for two reasons, Clem was there and both were no longer a danger to him. However after this he started to have more of a survivalist mentality (he was still kind to Clem), he did not take any shit from Kenny, did not initially trust Omid and Christa or Chuck (Charles if your fancy) and is still unsure of Molly, voted Ben out and dropped him as he was a danger to the group and told Vernon to go fuck himself. That's how i play my Lee :)
    Basically the same for me.Well most of it.
  • nice until someone wants to hurt clementine, then lee becomes nasty.
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