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My thoughts..on Ben/Kenny

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or whatever..

So you know what really sucks?If you were kind enough to save Ben in the 4th episode, he is the reason why Kenny dies sooner then he should. I got so mad!I don't want Ben's blood to be on my hands!And i want Kenny to live, i just...why?
I know this is very short, but i just wanted to point it out. I thought they were just being dramatic when they said "THE CHOICES YOU MAKE WILL COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU"...but they actually will. I am very very sorry, but Ben has to go.
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  • Kenny dies anyway, but a little later. It's also more heroic, and with a slightly larger chance of him getting away.
  • kenny will survive.............. i trust telltales :D
  • Aw, crap, I hit the wrong choice.

    Definitely meant sacrifice Ben for Kenny. I was done with Ben after he confessed he was the one who made a deal with the bandits and inadvertently led to Carly's death.

    After that, it was one big fail after another. Running away a surrounded Clementine, for one. I took pity on him and pulled him up at the bell tower, then the freakin' boat's gone? Gah...

    I re-played episode 3 a million times to see if Lilly would kill him instead (I liked Carly that much), but we all know how that turned out.
  • I played ep5 1 day ago , and when the moment when ben and kenny were down there i payed atention , and : kenny locked me there and then shooted ben , but we cant hear kenny's screams of pain when he was bitten , and we also couldn't see him diying, si i think somehoe he survived , just like you in ep 4 trapped in that alley
  • Seriously, I really don't understand why people like/d Kenny so much! Sure he's useful but let's face it, he was always out in pursuit of his family's happiness. He saved his kid and then let someone's else lose their son. He showed so many examples of 'ruthlessness' and in the last episode when Lee says something along the lines of 'you can kill me then', he yells without even a second thought 'I WILL'. honestly, Kenny hasn't shown me what is so great about himself. I honestly dislike him. ANNNNNND he doesn't even help you find clementine if you disagree with him even once throughout the episodes? Nah, he's wrong for that. Most of the people who hate Ben would actually BE Ben if ish really did hit the fan. Being scared and making mistakes, that's just what happens when you don't know what to do and you don't want to die. That's just my two cents.
  • I'd take Kenbro over Ben, definitely. I'm not saying I'd drop Ben at Crawford, though. That's still a pretty evil choice considering how easy it is to pull him up, imo. Kenny dies anyways so I don't drop Ben, but I'd gladly sacrifice Ben to save Kenny.
  • Of course Kenny, because i hate Ben... I let him fall from the Church Tower. He deserved it
  • kenny didn't die, it's pretty obvious. rule of thumb = if you didn't see the death, and there's no body; it didn't happen. his ambiguous "death" of kenny is merely being backed into a corner, with sounds of resistance. keeping in mind, kenny wears a long sleeve shirt:


    they also did character foreshadowing for the next season. regardless if you lie or tell the truth about your zombie infection. kenny says that he'd lie about his own infection as well. which leads me to believe that in season 2, kenny will be bitten; and he'll hide it.
  • I found Kenny's death rather pointless (if you chose to save Ben), he could have easily mercy-killed Ben and gotten away from the walkers. Didn't have to lay down his life simply to put down Ben.

    Just goes to show how useless Ben was in the end, despite all the promises of making it up to Lee.
  • I really wanted to like Kenny, but he more often than not his actions would irk me. Then, in Episode 5... Just when the Ben/Kenny thing was working itself out & I was really getting to like him...

    Crap! :mad:
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