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Rate the Last Game You Finished

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Title says it all. Rate the last video game you completed.

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - 9.5/10
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  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for DS.

    5/10. It was only ok and I completed it too quickly. Some fun parts though.
  • Massive technicality here, since I only replayed the last level (I discovered the footage I thought I had I didn't actually have, meaning I had to re-record me beating the final boss for my Let's Play), but
    Drake of the 99 Dragons. 2/10.

    If you don't know why by now, you've either never watched my Let's Play (which WILL be finished soon, honest!) or my review. Please go do so, I could use the extra views. Link's in my sig.
  • Jokieman;720407 said:
    A lot of TellTale's original works have left a lot to be desired. I'm guess that is why they stopped making them and have instead focused on "renting" IP's to make games in other people's sandboxes.
    They've made a grand total of one original IP(telltale texas hold em), try again
  • Gman5852;740866 said:
    They've made a grand total of one original IP(telltale texas hold em), try again
    And it was horrible. So they stopped making them. His argument is still valid.
  • Obulis 8/10
    This one has been on my account forever. It's a "physics based" 2D puzzle game. And man is it hard. How hard is it? Well this level:
    Took at least 60 minutes to complete even after looking it up. Why? Because you have to hit the balls in the perfect spot or something fails. There are some more of those too. Completely luck based stuff. That's what I took off 2 points of the rating for because apart from that the game is actually great.
  • I don't think I'll ever finish this game so I'll just rate it anyways.

    Dungeons of Dredmor 10/10. I just picked it up after a year of not playing, got all the DLC and man... this game just continues to get more and more awesome with every playthrough. All of the different classes are just fun and simply selecting random classes to see what they do is a joy every time. I probably won't ever finish this game, but that's only because I want to try out everything it has to offer and I don't have the time to get through the entire game and also try out all the fun stuff.

    It definitely has taken a place on my shelf as the game I go to when I want to relax and have fun.
  • I finally got Parappa The Rapper 2 and all i can say is that the gameplay is much better. Timing has been fixed and the songs are as catchy as ever. I did fail stages a few times but right now i'm at Stage 7.
  • Parappa The Rapper 2 -8/10

    Parappa 2 is a huge improvement to Parappa 1 in my opinion. The timing is better that the first one. There's a new feature where if you drop down from Good to Bad or Bad to Awful then you can repeat the part there you messed up to try and get your level back. The songs are very catchy and are as catchy as the first one's were. But the place where the game is let down is it's length. I think i beat it in around 1 or 2 hours. But since the songs are so catchy you can go through again as i hear the more times you beat the game the more stuff you unlock.
  • I finished some Slender mods. What a bad, bad, bad idea... When I'm coming home from school, I have to walk near a forest. It's really dark in the evening now cause it's winter, so I have to use a flashlight... You can only imagine how scary it all became xD
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