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Starting me over on episode one

posted by hokiemarine on - last edited - Viewed by 976 users
I've played through 4 chapters and gotten to episode 5 twice now and both times when I try to start episode 5 it restarts me at episode 1 and deletes all progress. Is there any way to fix this or to get a refund because this is beyond annoying and I have no intention of playing through the whole game again, complete waste of time.
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  • Same thing here. Lost 4 hours of play time on episode 5, and before that I lost 1. Second time it has happened on this episode alone, I don't know if there is any reason to play through it again unless I plan to finish it in one sitting. I wouldn't mind a refund at this point too.
  • what you should do is make sure you're playing on save slot 3 and this problem should not occur
  • I also had this issue, but with slot 1 save and on episode 3.
    I went to load a save on episode 3, but it started me on episode 1.
    When I went back to load, my save for episode 3 was gone.
    And from what I have found, it says to refrain from using slot 3...
  • I'm having exactly the same issue, this is a complete waste of time, all of that data gone in seconds :confused:
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    We have submitted a patch to Microsoft to fix this issue. Hopefully this patch will be approved soon and then distributed automatically when the game is launched while on Xbox Live.
  • So when you say "fix this issue" do you mean fix it for future players or is my game going to be there once I get the patch?
  • I need to know this too, please. I finished Episode 2 on my last sitting. When I load my game, it automatically sets me up to select Episode 3, but when I load it, it loads Episode 1.

    I can load Episode 1, and Episode 2. But every time I Select Episode 3, it just loads Episode 1 again.

    Are all of my choices now lost?
  • Will this bring our saves back? I will be damned if I am playing through again.
  • offishall wrote: »
    Will this bring our saves back? I will be damned if I am playing through again.

    I so agree with you...
  • Got prompted for an update today, and my savegame seems back, safe and sound. Able to load episode 3 no problem, and the "Previously on..." segment seems to have maintained my choices.

    Note: When selecting my episode, it started me back at the beginning, when I actually was probably half way through. However, returning to the menu and selecting "rewind" allowed me to choose my proper checkpoint.
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