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Could Telltale possibly outdo themselves?

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A videogame has never made me cry. But I was pretty damn close when I played the finale of The Walking Dead. The guys at Telltale have done such an amazing job conveying emotions with the most vivid storytelling I've ever seen in an adventure game (or perhaps any game for that matter).

The question is, could Season 2 possibly top this? After seeing a game this well-made, I'm actually starting to doubt it. What do you think?
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  • Yes, why not? They know that people have interest in this game and spent more money in it. But i hope they cut the 2-3 hours per Episode so they have more freedom to tell the story. I didnt have anything against a thirty minute episode (if they dont make the game shorter).
  • Honestly? I'm kind of skeptical about Season 2 (and not just because I'd like to hear more about Telltale's other projects instead).

    I think part of what made The Walking Dead game so great is that it encapsulated everything good about its source material while filtering out all the bad. While the comic's premise of being "the zombie movie that never ends" is interesting, as it goes on you begin to feel...fatigued. After 100 issues of horrible things happening, you can kind of predict what's coming up. Telltale managed to convey that same feeling of a huge timeframe in a much smaller space, and it ended in a way that (more or less) provided closure.

    I can understand why Telltale's making a Season 2. The Walking Dead has easily been their most popular game yet, and from a business perspective they'd be crazy not to do it. But I feel that if they turn The Walking Dead into a franchise, it'll run the same risk of getting...fatigued, just like the comic and show.
  • I'd say it depends on how they approach it.

    If each season is it's own story-capsule, then I'd say they have a good shot at it.

    If it's the continuing adventures of Clem...... hard to say.
  • They certainly have a lot on their plate this time. Even if they don't outdo themselves, and make something just as good as the first season, they need to avoid treading old ground.
  • In sense of story, probably. In case of nostalgia, absolutely not.
  • They could have a fleshed out romantic subplot. Like they almost had up to episode 3.
  • there must be so many thing they have learned from making the first one that i think its possible for them to make the second season better.
  • They outdo themselves constantly. Check out the difference between Sam and Max S1 and S3.
  • I said yes,Make a Game of Thrones!Dragons,Nights Watch,The Wall,Winterfel,White Walkers,Kings Landing,Firsta Men...So much more;May be to hard to make.:)
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