Stats glitch?

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Hey guys, great game.
I've encountered a problem after the end of ep5 with the stat screen. It seems to be in a generic mode pointing to untitled stats.

Other than that, I'm looking forward to season 2. Sooner than later please. :D


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    I had the exact same issue! It's annoying! Can anyone post what the stats actually said?
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    I have three separate games going, each with different choices. I played through one of them tonight and saw the same thing. I wish I could have screen capture it; but didn't know how to do so in Steam.

    Of course, now it appears my saved games are messed up. The one I finished tells me I'm in Chapter 3. If I try either of my other two games it starts me in Chapter 5 where Lee is instructing Clem how to deal w/ the Zombie Guard.
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    This can occur if you are not online, logged into your account, or properly connected to Steam when you reach the Stats screen. If you load your last checkpoint (or rewind to it) and replay the last scene of the game, your stats should appear properly.
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    Fyi, I use a Mac and I wasn't disconnected from the web.
    But I also encountered the same issue with my save saying it was at ep3. Though I could continue on ep 5 without it telling me to play ep 4 first.
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