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What kind of playthroughs do you have?

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We know that there's three slots for playthroughs. I have two of them and they're up to episode four.
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  • Guy-love Lee and Original thought Lee.

    Both are Pro-Kenny. Gotta mash dem Larry heads.
  • I have one with my original choices both on the PC and PS3, I'll trying playing a silent Lee, bad Lee and opposite choices when I have the complete game.
  • I'm contemplating starting playthrough 3 of the same choices just so I can see how my story ends. It would have been nice to have tried making different decisions. The glitches erasing my saves/choices are beyond annoying at this point. I'm very disappointed that a game I enjoy so much has fallen so short technically. My experience has been ruined.
  • I am going to make a final third save soon in which I will start off optimistic,then become more pragmatic near the end of Episode 2.
  • Why only vote 3? You can have more than 3 by simply making a copy of a save before deleting it.
    Anyway I did
    #1 Original Thoughts (This is pretty much equal to Good Guy Lee)
    #2 "Perfect" Lee (decisions after knowing the outcome, eg never siding with Lilly as she will leave early anyway)
    #3 Scumbag Lee (trying to be as asshole to everyone as possible)
    #4 Mixture Lee to see any missed options.
  • My first playthrough was a 'keep the group together as best as possible' kind of thing. Oh, how futile it was. Though on the flip side, I was generally violent and focused on surviving rather than the morality of my choices. Went out of my way to teach Clem that the world is full of bad people and was very forward with her.

    It's certainly interesting playing the episodes in retrospect. I'm gonna play it all through again and take a different approach.
  • For my third save should I be a total scumbag,or should I be a scumbag who only looks out for himself and Clem.
  • First play-through is always the way I would react if it was happening to me IRL. It was mostly father Lee. Me and Kenny had a love/hate relationship. Told him to go fuck himself after I got bitten. :D
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    On PC I had the Original Thoughts Lee (voted for) and for my second/parallel playthrough on xbox I had sort of an Erratic Behaviour Lee (not voted for because … maybe next time) for whom I just picked whatever I thought would be nice for a particular scene. Very funny it was, to let Lee act like just another Kenny. Talk nice and only seconds later … *kablamm!* :D
  • I play how I'd do things.
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