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  • Well The answer is simple

    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Secret of Monkey Island

    Jack Sparrow and Guybrush Threepwood swashing buckles and shivering timbers side by side

    Seeing that MI has a basis in POTC and the POTC movies have a basis in MI its all kind of fitting they become one in the house of mouse
  • Except it wouldn't exactly work due to modern day technology and references to it not only being present because of rule of funny, but also oftentimes as quest objects.

    Proof in point: Rubber chicken pulley.
  • Disney’s totally going to go for an animated series circling around it. I can see it now. They’ll probably also really feck up the video game franchise by making crap action games, DS BS, and (god forbid) a Disneyland attraction.
  • Noname215;741340 said:
    (god forbid) a Disneyland attraction.
    Welcome to PLANET THREEPWOOD, the Piratiest Place on Earth! Step inside and sample our fun-filled genuine pirate cuisine, Prepared by genuinely fun-filed pirate chefs! Gaze upon our genuine Guybrush Threepwood parphenalia, Donated by actual friends and associates of Guybrush Threepwood who've lived to tell the tale! Come one, come all, to the place where everyone from eight to eighty gets their buckles swashed... PLANET THREEPWOOD! (A wholly-owned subsidiary of Ozzie Mandrill Enterprises.)
  • ...is it bad that I actually kind of want them to build one of those at Disneyland?
  • Fine. But if they try to add Threepwood to Pirates of the Caribbean, then those Disney bastards are feckin’ dead.
  • Darth Marsden;741856 said:
    ...is it bad that I actually kind of want them to build one of those at Disneyland?
    No, I'd say showing Disney the Theme Park potential of the towns/islands in "Escape from Monkey Island" is the best way to guarantee a special edition (ie, one that'll work on these newfangled machines) of the game...
  • Laserschwert;728246 said:
    As is every company.

    With Disney recently hiring Michael Arndt and ESPECIALLY Lawrence Kasdan to pen the new Star Wars movies, it's clear that they are WELL aware how to do some good to existing franchises. Actually I think Disney would be an excellent partner for Telltale.
    Make it package deal that includes The Muppets. I want to see a post-Walking Dead comedy game from Telltale.
  • If TT stand any chance of getting the licence for or owning IPs from the LA catalogue, they're probably already hard at work trying to secure deals, even if it means a whopping overdraft and a few rounds of shaking the charity can beneath investors' noses again. TT is still made up of the very passionate people that broke away from LA all those years ago to continue making great adventure games, so I think it's safe to say they're doing everything in their power.
  • Syd;716272 said:
    (he apparently has an idea on how to do that without using the old "it was all a dream" crap).
    I can easily see how this can be done with a curse, that rips open a hole in the space-time continuum, pulling them back in time to the Monkey Island 2 ending. Then the magic pegleg used for the timetravel will catch a fire in LeChuck's flaming beard and due to Guybrush's clumsiness, and then there will be no way to go back.

    It will all be very hilarious and very tragically sad at the same time.
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