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Creating a character for S2

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I don't care what Telltale does for the new protagonist as long as its good (Please don't take that 'Navy Seals team 6 sniper' suggestion that keeps going around, in the words of Kenny "Thats fucking stupid Ben") I would really like us to be able to actually create a character (I mean what they look like and their origin, not just personality) Of course I understand that Telltale has a lot of limitations when creating their games so I completely understand if they give us a protagonist. But I just think it would be really cool if we got to put ourselves or our ideal character into the ZA. Think about it, with Lee we already saw the apocalypse first hand and were shaped by it. But this character has already (likely) been surviving for a while (I'm guessing they will start off where Season 1 left off, which is 3 months in) Which means they should already be shaped by experiences. We put ourselves into our Lee so why don't we take it a step further and actually create our survivour. Gender, origin and appearence. I think this would be a cool idea for the next season.
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  • I agreed that it would be fun to see what other characters people come up with. I imagined people with characters of all different ages, looks, and sizes killing zombies, and I thought it would be cute to see the creativity of others. But I loved the characters TT made in season 1, and I know that it is a story driven adventure where we would never be able to do that. I don't even want individual characters, I want season 2 to flow like season 1.
    What might work for Bourbon's individualized game? Sims: Zombie Edition
  • If they all will have same voice actors and the same lines, it's just makes it worse. Imagine what it would be like if someone replaced Lee with some shitty joke character.
  • I can see all the flaws in my wish trust me. I just thought it'd be a cool thing to try out.
  • i really don't want to play as anyone else besides another black male. im not racist, but there's so few black protagonist.
  • A lot of flawed arguments here - there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn't be able to create our own character - with the gender of our choice as well.

    Case in point: The games from Bioware (Mass Effect, Dragon Age et al) - it is fully possible to have player-created characters that look whatever you want, chosen from the palette provided by the game. In games like Mass effect, the PC is only referred to as 'Shepard', and that works very well, actually.

    I think a player-created character (within some boundaries of course, liek perhaps the name) would give more depth, and also provide more replayability - my black chick is an a-hole, my white dude is a saint. For a role-playing game, this is so much more satisfying than to play within the confines provided by the game.

    Apart from The Walking Dead by TTG, there is also the games The Witcher 1 and 2 by CD1 (great games, really recommended) and they suffer from the same thing - I don't want to call it 'flaw', because it isn't, but the immersion into the game is much more shallow than in a game like Mass Effect where you are bound by at least the last name - and compare that to the classical pen and paper RPGs where you have no limits at all, but they do give the absolutely best immersion into the character.

    But we can't have that in computer games, lest we all get super-computers and an AI we can only dream about as a GM, so I think we could definately settle for the next best: a player-created character.
  • Lol this game would be quickly becoming Mass Effect.
  • Kinky John Fowler;738698 said:
    Considering the game is completely story driven I think the worst thing they could possibly do is give the player the opportunity to create their own character.
    I agree. Let Telltale decide that for us.
  • This is right off the table as it would prevent Telltale from writing a carefully structured narrative and isn't in the spirit of the all-roads-lead-to-Rome story they're doing.
  • Tyrant;741910 said:
    Lol this game would be quickly becoming Mass Effect.
    Or any CRPG to be honest. Which would be a good thing. Just look at say Baldur's Gate for example - the story is there, the background is there - but for the main plot it doesn't matter what gender you are, what class and not even which race. And I'm not even asking that much from TTG.
    Textbook;741927 said:
    This is right off the table as it would prevent Telltale from writing a carefully structured narrative and isn't in the spirit of the all-roads-lead-to-Rome story they're doing.
    Really? We are bound by two of things regarding Lee: a) he is black, and that comes up as an issue ONCE, and b) he was sentenced to jail for murder. This second point is the only one having any real bearing on the game - it wouldn't matter if Lee had been young, old, hispanic, white...

    And that all-roads-lead-to-rome has a less good equivalent term, and that is railroading.
  • I think it would be cool, but given the complexity of doing character creation along with multiple branches AND TTD taking their time in between chapters it wouldn't be in our best interests. I'll just be happy for them to patch the save file issue.
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