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Vernon last act

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Why would Vernon steal the boat after all. I finished replaying the episodes and saw it all again.

Keeping it simple, he wouldn't steal by force from the people he moments ago worked with and helped him get med for his friends.

Let's say he needed to do that to survive, then he wouldn't know how to drive a boat.

Let's say someone knew how to drive a boat, then there wouldn't be space for all the invalids.

Let's say there was space for everyone, then they couldn't take the tons of supplies they got, that according to Lee, could last for months if they stayed at the morge, where they were living a long time, even with walkers in the other side of the wall.

What do you think? Just a way to fuck the boat idea quick or it's a valid action from Vernon?
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  • I'd say it's pretty valid. The invalids had 5 including Brie, so after the Crawford supply run in Episode 4 there would only be four of them. And Kenny said that five people could only fit if the people in the boat wanted the best chance of survival. That probably means that he factored in room for supplies in addition to people. So with an empty space, plus all the room for supplies originally, Vernon and his crew made out pretty sweet. The boat didn't seem to be that hard to operate, and there could have been oars stashed somewhere on it in case of an engine failure. And all it took was stealing a boat from a group of good people which resulted in them being stranded.
  • It was a somewhat valid action by Vernon, he did what he had too survive. Savannah is completely fucked, there were two "herds" merging within the city (the "herd" that followed the train and the "herd" within Crawford). It's likely that he, after seeing the train while in the bell tower, hypothesized that the train's noise attracted many walkers.

    The morgue wasn't safe anymore, seen with the walkers nearly getting inside at the start of episode 5. Savannah, as a whole, is likely to be one of the most unsafe areas in the world in it's current state.

    They probably packed as much as possible before they left. It's not like they couldn't get more supplies from other areas regardless. Someone probably knows how to drive a boat anyways, Vernon strikes me as a man who would know how. It's not rocket science.

    The big question though is how did they moved the boat without first getting mauled by zombies? The streets are absolutely filled to the brim with zombies. They either worked extremely fast before the bulk of the train walkers came or they were all killed before they reached the river.
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    They could have lured them away and distracted them long enough to get the boat moved.
  • I think they got out, at least Vernon and/or the black dude there, opening the chances of one of them appear in season 2. Maybe the black guy would appear, as it's one person we got to see but not to know in season 1, instead of Vernon.
  • I think this is perhaps the Achilles Heel of the entire story. There are so many problems with this I don't know where to begin.

    Mind you, I kept waiting for the dialogue scene where Kenny would explain what they would do in this boat exactly and it never came so I'm not sure how well even the writers had thought that out.

    Kenny: We'll get on a boat!
    Lee: And then what?
    Kenny: Sing The Lonely Island's "I'm On A Boat".
    Lee: I love those guys! I wonder what happened to T-Pain?

    *cut to zombie T-Pain sitting in recording studio*

    T-Pain: *voice modulating up and down electronically* Braaaaaaaaaaains.
  • Thinking over episode 4 I realized the exact moment when Vernon was going to completely screw you over. That moment was when he asks if you came on the train and Kenny says "yea why" and Vernon just says "nevermind". He didn't want to tip them off to the mega herd storm about to hit. He knows the boat isn't big enough for Lees whole crew because of what Kenny said about leaving Ben behind.

    Vernon offers to take Clem with him afterwards when he suddenly only has 4 people in his group and he knows the boat can fit 5. He can at least save the little kid from the mega hordes about to swarm Savannah. If the fight with Vernon actually happened with Clem and Lee there Vernon probably would have taken her along if he had won the boat fight.

    Fits into how he acted pretty well for me.
  • What precedent did Vernon have for knowing that people riding a train into town causes a zombie tsunami several days later?
  • Textbook;742052 said:
    What precedent did Vernon have for knowing that people riding a train into town causes a zombie tsunami several days later?
    good eye sight is enough evidence, he probably saw thousands of zombies and dust from the bell tower
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