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Blog: Does Walking Dead really tailor itself to your actions?

posted by The13thRonin on - last edited - Viewed by 4.2K users
Telltale's the Walking Dead... Where your decisions matter... Except when they don't... All of the time...

Don't get me wrong, a brilliant emotional journey but one without any kind of consequences for your choices at all.

Save Carly? She dies anyway. Save Doug? He dies anyway. Steal from the car? Dude abducts Clementine and tries to kill you. Don't steal from the car? Dude abducts Clementine and tries to kill you. It's not a choice if both options are going to lead to the exact same outcome... Its flavour text...

I figured that we would at least get some pay-off from the epilogue... I feel kind of dissapointed.

I hope that season 2 maintains the same great level of story-telling but actually makes the choices have proper game-changing consequences.

I would not complain if you had not given me such high hopes :p. Season one was good but I hope season two is great.
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  • For my part, having just watched "Hannah Plays" on Youtube, I'm doubly glad now that I let Ben live... because Kenny dies an even STUPIDER death in the other version saving Krista than he did in the version I played!!

    But my choices won't carry over into season two, not that I can see how they possibly could anyhow, with absolutely everyone except Clem being Stone Dead. The game was taking up way too much real estate on my iPad so I deleted episodes 2-5. :-(
  • JackSchirmer;737805 said:
    Yes, because who can forget the genuine excitement of tiny captions popping up in the corner that say things like "Christa will remember you said that"!

    Even though, you know, it won't change her behavior in the slightest, and even though we'll never know WHAT she thinks of your behavior. It's so satisfying to grasp that she's thinking about it.

    I don't really care about the choices not having much impact, i get a few different lines for every dialogue option i pick, that's good enough for me. The story far outweighs any other problems in my mind.

    As for it being weak, that is based on opinion only. You may think it's an "interactive comic" while others will think it's a revolutionary new era in storytelling. You can debate for hours, but in the end it's just your opinion and you can never claim it as fact, on either side.

    There comes a line between constructive criticism and becoming dedicated to hating the game, and i fear you're crossing that line a bit too much.
  • Gman5852;734471 said:
    That just made me realize there is a scene out there of Ben chopping Lee's arm off...

    I know what my new goal is for when I replay...
    The wiki says 'Ben is the only member of the group being unable to cut Lee's arm on his own (if the player decided to go with him only), having Lee to do it instead. Ben will pass out at the beginning of the procedure. '
  • i think the biggest problem with this whole "tailored" game thing is that we as gamers are so used to conversations and characters opinions of you not really being the part of the game that meant anything (because usually they don't) that we didn't expect those parts to be the most important part of the game.

    when i look at the game now, i can see that the "game" was the conversation choices (not the precision and speed of your head shots) so if the game is the conversations and there are multiple choices in each conversation and these choices can lead to different conversations later, then i can only come to the conclusion that the game is tailored by how you play.

    but i think TWD game is pretty unique and breaks a lot of conventions that we are used to, i mean who would have thought that a choice in dialogue would be as important as the choice between fire or ice powers or choosing a technology tree to specialise in but in TWD they are and that is hard to get used to.
  • This game series adapts to the choices you make. The story is tailored by how you play.
    What a load of bologna. Thanks for giving gamers another reason not to trust anything that developers or publishers say.
  • A thread like this was made before.
  • Several hundred times. All of which go around in circles. People point out that the game did adapt, it just didn't change major details, it never was meant to change the story in a major way, and then the other side ignroes all that and goes "BUT CARLEY STILL DIED! BUT LEE STILL DIED!" and it goes on forever and ever...
  • A point and click comic book novel won a Game Award.

    The saving grace of the game was it's impeccable storyline, and it's advertising tactics. I can bitch and moan about how bad the graphics are, but that speaks for itself. Instead I'll go over the "Game is tailored to how you play" layout that The Walking Dead promoted.

    Exactly what can you change? In the end, Lee dies, Ben dies, Kenny dies, Lily dies, Katjaa dies, Duck gets bit, Duck dies, etc. etc. etc.

    I enjoyed The Walking Dead, but it frustrated me because the in-game decisions held no real weight. In episode 4, when the characters made the descision to go with you to find Vernon or not seemed like it was going to finally going to show the way you treated the characters, when in actuality, you go right back to the rest of the crew, regardless.

    Awful choice for GOTY. A game with and 8/10 story, 3/10 graphics, and using a point and click system on a console is an abomination to contend. I enjoyed it, but in no way does it win over Halo4(which was also a dissapointment), or Far Cry 3.

    Look at the previous GOTY awards in the past 5 years. What do you see?

    Red Dead Redemption, GTA 4, Skyrim, Bioshock, Oblivion. Is TWD really on par with these games? Really? Really. SMH
  • Sorry the comic book style graphics in a game based on a series of comics weren't too your liking and I'm also sorry a point and click adventure game was too point and click for you. Maybe you should just stop playing Telltale games since you apparently can't handle your RDA of Awesome and go play the Land of the Dead Xbox game.
  • it won due to outstanding storytelling, voiceacting and characters.
    If you are the average Call of Duty FPS bam bam player sure you won't like it. Graphics? They are fine. Not exceptional but the style works very well. Decisions I agree they could be more profound but everything else in your post is nonsense.
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