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if Carley was a nerd and Doug was a crack shot

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if Carley was a nerd and Doug was a crack shot and had a gun, would you have saved different people in your first game?

i was thinking about a sort of personality swap but more as a background to the reason why they have the skills they have, they would still have the same family and history but have swapped careerer paths

Doug would know your secret he is the reporter and he saves you with his gun, Carley would programme the remote etc.
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  • No. Not gonna lie on my first play I saved her because shes a hot chick. Which person is a reporter, or knows my past has a gun etc. didn't really influence me.
  • I would probably save Doug. The reason why I originally saved Carley was because she just seemed like a more important character at the time. Well... actually a dorky, timid, hot chick sounds somewhat appealing. Hm.
  • To me, Carley was already kind of "nerdy," but everyone has a different take on what being a nerd is.

    If TWD was a puzzle heavy game, then I'd have picked Doug. That bit he did with the remote and the TV store across the street in Macon would have sold me. Since it isn't, I chose Carley and would do it again.

    To be honest, it's almost like TTG wants you to pick Carley. What do you see of Doug's personality before making a choice, except for the brief exchange outside of the drugstore?
  • CarScar;741853 said:
    I would probably save Doug. The reason why I originally saved Carley was because she just seemed like a more important character at the time. Well... actually a dorky, timid, hot chick sounds somewhat appealing. Hm.
    yeah i realised after i asked the question that carley would have appealed to me more if she was a nerd :)
  • You know, I don't think I read your edit in my initial choice, because I was opperating under the assumption that they'd do the same thing in game - but have different base roles. (i.e. Carley the nerd would know you and show you trust, etc)

    But.... if this isn't the case.

    My answer....... stays the same.

    Doug would have earned some trust, but... Nerd Girls are hot. So, I'd have actual hormonal incentive to save Carley. Where Rambo-Reporter Carley got saved because she was good with a gun and showed Lee some trust.
  • I would. The reason I chose Carley was you had far more interactions with her during the first episode, enough to see she can handle herself very well in tense situations. She saved your life on more than one occasion in one episode (charging out into the street to rescue Duck and the whole group, and shot the walker you were grappling after saving Clem), and she goes on an entire mission with you to the motel to rescue Glenn.

    Doug... well... he was there and he was alive. That's literally all I knew about him. He did a good job getting those TV's on to distract the walkers so I could get the keys but that is literally all he did in the first episode.

    Besides, in the situation, Carley looked like she was in far more distress than Doug anyway. Carley had a walker grabbing her ankle and more coming through the hole toward her with no way to defend herself. Doug had a walker arm reaching in through some boards to grab his chest, which in reality he could have easily gotten away from. It sucked one of them had to die, but in the situation we were given, I will always save Carley and never will get to experience what Doug has to offer.

    I didn't save Doug because Carley proved she was far more equipped for the apocalypse than he was. If roles had been reversed and I'd gone on a mission with Doug, he'd saved me and he proved he was a capable guy, I'd have saved him instead.
  • :mad:
    RedKoolLoops;688802 said:
    Honestly, at the time of choosing in Episode 1, I solely picked Carley because she could shoot.

    I wasn't interested in a romance with her or her personality (she actually seemed a bit of a bitch confronting me in the back office) I simply picked her because she'd be more of an asset.

    If it was Doug with the gun, he would definitely have been brought along for the ride instead.
    Carley wasnt a bitch where did u get that?
  • Yea I was based the choice on usefulness, so if Doug had been more useful with the gun, it would have been him to come with me. I figured the kid and I would have a better chance of survival with someone who knew how to shoot, as opposed to a person who could reprogram a tv remote. How often would that skill be useful? Not to say the door alarm at the inn wasn't useful...but when walkers have already breached the gates or bandits...then I'd just listen for the screams or gunshots to determine there was trouble. Didn't need a bell to tell me there was a problem.
  • No, people would still save Carley, she's still a girl, and a sex object.
  • the question could as well be, why did you choose carley, hormones or other reasons

    reasons for saving carley (at this point of time, knowing that one must die, in my personal order):

    -saves you twice
    -i like her because of her character traits (or because i know more about here)
    -good shot (though you can still use her gun if she dies)
    -women need protection

    if you swap personality, skills and plot with doug then all that's left are the last two points. so then i'd save doug. if you only take out the good shot point i would still save carley
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