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Mid-Season Finale

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I really enjoyed the episode and can't wait for February,what about you guys(and girls),what do you think?
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  • I'm with you. I've enjoyed this season so far, and I really look forward to what they come up with next. What will they do with Darryl and Merle? It'll be fun to find out.
  • I also liked the episode. It surprised me that the Governor betrayed Merle.
  • Seeing that trusting Merle cost him his eye, and the termination of his undead daughter. It's not so surprising.
  • Sodawasser;742222 said:
    I also liked the episode. It surprised me that the Governor betrayed Merle.
    Maybe he truly believed Merle betrayed him?
  • Yeah you are right, I forgot that Merle told him that Michonne is dead. My fault :P
    Anyway I didn't suspect the end.
  • Loved it. Still can't understand how unbelievable stupid and non-observant andrea is.
    the ending was really exciting, until they showed the preview for february where you could see daryl alive. uber fail.
  • personally, I don't think chuck norris could take on the dixon brothers combined and win. The governor has no chance.
  • Oh God, Andrea. She used to just annoy me, but now I hope they bump her off. Michonne saves your life and takes care of you for eight months? Great. You bone the Governor a couple of days and now you're gonna side with him? What a crappy friend you are. Hope things go real well with that sweet new man of hers!
  • Major spoilers ahead!!!

    Who thinks Merle is suppose to be Martinez from the comics and is just being planted to help infiltrate the prison?
  • That actually sounds likely!

    By the way,I am sorry about putting this in the wrong forum,I thought I was in the spoiler section when I posted this thread.
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