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if Carley was a nerd and Doug was a crack shot

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if Carley was a nerd and Doug was a crack shot and had a gun, would you have saved different people in your first game?

i was thinking about a sort of personality swap but more as a background to the reason why they have the skills they have, they would still have the same family and history but have swapped careerer paths

Doug would know your secret he is the reporter and he saves you with his gun, Carley would programme the remote etc.
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  • Well, if Doug would be as stupid as Carley and had a gun, that would make him a douchebag. And I can't imagine Carley making those traps. Ever.
  • Doug had a more original skill that can't just be 'picked up' in a ZA, so in this case I'd probably choose Carley.
  • I saved Carley because she saved me like two times or whatever. Plus she's a woman, so...
  • I saved carley cause of the gun...

    Switching personality would mean let a hot girl-nerd die...maybe
  • Hoes before bros.
  • I'd still pick Carley because she's a girl. A pretty cool one at that.
  • I'd prefer it if doug was a crackhead rather than a crack shot
  • I think the biggest reason why people chose Carley over Doug is one the gun.
    And two the amount of interaction you have with carley.

    There is the scene in the office where she tells you she knows his secret and that she won't tell any one. The battery scene and the broadcast that follows. Then she comes on the motel mission with you. She also saves your life.

    Doug turned on tvs for me. Then yelled at me to hurry up.
  • I'd probably save Doug at first if he had the gun, but after Episode 3, if Carley had still been the one to know about Lee's past, I'd save her in all other replays. Being able to tell people Lee's secret before Lilly does pretty much closes the deal for me. If Doug had the gun AND allowed me to tell my secret, Carley wouldn't stand a chance.
  • Most people would still save her because "OMG WOMAN LEE MIGHT BANG!"

    I think, if Doug had just had THE ONE zombie on his ankle he could have stomped on (because Lee does this several times himself) and Carly was being grabbed by several zombies, I'd have gone for her. In the game of course I saved Doug for this reason.
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